BCM121 - Flood onslaught challenge, three combos

(6:30) Level 9 ('Keyes') on Heroic. This shows three plays of the Flood onslaught challenge seen set up in BCM120. I start with the prime combo of shotty and plasma pistol, then try out two others - including some needling! Actually the needler turned out to be a lot of fun - certainly a viable option on Heroic - so you can expect some more of that in a later movie.

Released December 28th 2014, gameplay recorded December 23rd-24th 2014.


00:02 (Shotgun & plasma pistol) For this first play I use the best weapon combo. It's not a great play in terms of control, but I thought it would make good exciting watching. It certainly gets off to a nice explosive start when the first carrier pops at about 0:16.

I think I was wasteful with my first frag at 0:35. Normally I'd try to use them either when I'm getting really pressured or when I see a whole cluster of combat Flood, but in this case there was only a carrier approaching. Nice grenade at 1:19 though, blasting a cluster of four Flood. Not such a good grenade at 1:32 however, as I end up taking an airborne plasma blast, losing five health bars!

Near the end of the play at about 2:00, I get whacked by a leaping Flood I didn't notice. Bah! Should've got out of that corner sooner.

02:05 (AR & plasma rifle) This time I try using an AR with a plasma rifle, and it's way harder than using a shotty and plasma pistol. Took me quite a while to finally score this victory.

At 3:40 I spot a much needed dropped grenade and quickly throw it, but actually that was a bit wasted because the carrier settles down to pop. In fact the pop seems to set off that plasma prematurely. I waste another plasma in similar fashion around 3:57.

04:19 (Shotgun & needler) Finally, here's a play using a shotgun and needler; and as you'll see, it's quite a while before I fire the shotty. In using the needler, my general intent is to make things go bang - so I'm fairly generous with my streams.

Nice sequence of three close shotty blasts at about 5:26, when I'm forced back to the door. Enjoyed that!

I run a bit short of needles near the end, but finally get a bunch, enabling me to pop the last few spores in explosive style.

Closing remarks Partly because I've mostly used Legendary, I haven't previously used the needler much in the Flood onslaught challenge. However, on Heroic it turns out to be quite a viable option if used well. Originally I was going to try combining the needler with a pistol for the third play, so that all six possible weapons would feature in the movie. But that combo was extremely hard to survive with. I did eventually manage it, but then I decided to try out the needler with the shotty. I had much more fun with that and it gives a far more reasonable chance of survival, so I went with that combo instead, and plan also to focus on it in a later movie.