BCM199 - Bridge Banshee grab, ten amusing episodes

(4:24) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic and Legendary. In the course of investigating and trying out ways of grabbing the bridge Banshee using the arch (from March to July 2016), plenty of amusing stuff happened. Enough for me to make two movies out of - and here's the first. The play is on Heroic except for two clips on Legendary (the ones using my arch method breakthrough detailed in BCM191). I'll leave the second movie for some later date.

Released October 11th 2016, gameplay recorded March 24th - July 13th 2016.


00:02 (Blocked Banshee blasted by Shade) After going through the arch, the Banshee gets loosely held back by the wall and the Shade. Eventually I'm near the Shade and I decide to hop aboard to use it. The resulting explosion kills a grunty bystander too, heh heh. From April 10th.

00:40 (Pilot on the wall) After colliding with the arch, the pilot gets ejected and amusingly lands on the wall. I tag him then shoot a couple of panicking Grunts. From June 28th.

01:04 (Banshee flies between decks) In this clip I was waiting around, hoping the Banshee might have arch trouble sometime. Coming in for an attack, it seems to have a moment of indecision and ends up flying between the decks. That's novel enough, but there's a bonus too. The patrolling Elite can be heard diving to get clear, and if you look at the tracker, you can see that he dived off the bridge. Hee hee! From March 24th.

01:15 (Cyborg squashed) The Banshee makes a low sharp turn around the arch beam, taking me somewhat by surprise! I'm well and truly squashed. From March 25th.

01:31 (Pilot squashed) Using my arch method breakthrough, I grab the Banshee, back the pilot into a corner and get some sweet revenge for that previous squashing! From July 13th while working on BCM191 (Legendary).

01:54 (Clumsy Banshee, long tag) In this grabbing attempt I'm standing in only an approximate location (not an exact spot), and after crouching I remain down for a while. The Banshee flies around bumping chaotically into lots of stuff, and when it eventually flies off I throw a speculative plasma and score a pleasing tag. From March 27th.

02:21 (Accidental Shade boarding) The pilot is ejected when the Banshee collides with the arch, and I try to grab it as it comes down on top of me, but instead I find myself in the Shade, arrgh! I gather my wits quickly enough to take down a Grunt who was about to throw a grenade, but the plasma fire from the pilot kills me in just a few seconds. From June 29th.

02:42 (Wiggling Banshee, Grunt fun) After the Banshee hits the arch it comes down and gets into some amusing wiggling behaviour against the beam. I think this was the first time I've seen that, though I've seen it a few times since. It wiggles for over ten seconds but eventually gets away. Meanwhile a dopey Grunt has been staring at me, so I stick him with a plasma. Then I get attacked by Shade fire so I use a few more plasmas, resulting in an appealing three-bang effect. From March 25th.

03:37 (Banshee lost over the edge) Using my arch method breakthrough once more, the pilot is ejected and I tag him. But then I notice the loose plasma on the ground, and step back accordingly. The Banshee gets shunted off the bridge and I pursue it, on the off-chance that I can yet prevail. But I bounce off it, and a ledge impact is the end of me. From July 13th while working on BCM191 (Legendary).

03:59 (Parting gift) In this attempt I unusually try standing near one side of the door frame, and the Banshee makes a low sharp turn around the arch beam. Obviously I won't be grabbing it, so I tag it as it flies past, then quickly add a bit of plasma fire to make sure the bang destroys it. From March 25th.

Closing remarks I could've instead used such footage in my 'freakiness and fun' series, but there was so much that it would've taken ages to get through (only using a few clips at a time), plus it would've introduced quite repetitive elements across that series; especially Johnson talking about fire team Zulu, and Cortana talking too. So I thought it was better to make one or more dedicated movies. As it turned out, I was able to make two movies of very similar length with ten clips each. Ideal!