BCM201 - Spore herding, shaft hop wipeout

(5:36) Level 7 ('The Library') on Legendary. Continuing with the same save as used for my previous movie, this time I demonstrate hopping around the shaft, eluding and attacking and watching spores - and eventually wiping them out. It's an activity documented in a new section of my spore herding article: see Shaft hop.

Released October 19th 2016, gameplay recorded October 13th 2016.


00:02 The footage starts right after my save checkpoint. Turning to face the herd, I briefly let the spores jump at me - really just to show them for the movie - before running to the end of a tooth and hopping around to the other side of the shaft. My pursuers make an impressive swarming sight early on, and I soon get started with picking them off.

00:42 It's not long before the first spore reaches me, and after I pop it, I hop around to another tooth and do some more shooting. You can start to see how the spores like climbing up corners. When spores eventually arrive, I try to tag one close up but miss. The blast pops a few though.

01:24 At a new tooth I notice a concentration of spores climbing up a corner, and I throw a plasma grenade, successfully tagging one. It jumps off, and then BLAM! - there's an explosion in mid-air. A short while later, spores catch up with me again, and this time I do tag one close up.

03:30 Another close tag. Of course, you want to make sure the spore leaps at you soon after, so you can dodge and get clear!

05:01 Things are pretty quiet by now, so I figure it's time to descend and finish off the stragglers. I wait for a spore to leap back into the void, then follow after it. I'd been hoping to whack it during the fall but I'm too far away, so I shoot it instead. Once down, things are quickly over.

Closing remarks One thing not demonstrated in the movie is firing down a side wall. At the time I did this play, I hadn't zeroed in on that activity. I'll probably show it in a different play later though.