BCM210 - Freakiness and fun

(5:32) Various levels and difficulties. Here's my fifteenth 'freakiness and fun' compilation, showing 18 freaky or amusing incidents, most of which occurred while recording footage for my usual movies - so you may recognize some of the situations.

Released December 18th 2016, gameplay recorded 2011-2016.


00:02 (Blockade blast) In this ice path defence in a spiral path megabattle, my needles set off loose plasmas, spectacularly blasting the Ghost blockade and killing five Elites. Nice! Oh, and prior to that, a Marine fumbles a frag with fatal consequences. Sheesh, those guys! June 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM185. Level 5, Heroic.

00:21 (Bug on a windscreen) This stunt dismount onto the Pelican doesn't quite work out. SPLAT! Right against the windscreen. June 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM190. Level 5, Heroic.

00:38 (Shooting gallery) My aim here was to kill the four Grunts before they even touched the ground. The last guy takes a few extra shots, but I stay calm and get him before his somersault dismount is over. November 2016 footage. Level 2, Normal.

00:59 (Going down) Needling the harlequin Grunt, I fail to realize just how close to the edge I've got, and I slip off part way through a clip. Oops! Silly cyborg. July 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM192. Level 5, Legendary.

01:14 (Grunty lookout) While doing a kill 'em all run with plasma pistol and needler, I grenaded a Shade and the gunner ended up with this high vantage point. Looks cute up there eh? He's rather slow to react to me, which is behaviour I've seen on other occasions too, from Grunts in this area. After tagging him I try to drive some needles in, but don't manage enough for a bang. My subsequent boarding of the Shade is accidental. May 2016 footage. Level 5, Legendary.

01:36 (Plasma pair) After the departure death anomaly strikes, giving me an empty Banshee, a couple of Grunts come over and pester me with plasma pistols. But they're not much threat, and from my elevated position I have plenty of time to throw a frag high and wait for it to come down and blast them. Amusingly, the guy on the right looks at it just before it goes off. Incidentally, the Elite seen isn't the pilot; he was with the Grunts. November 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM204. Level 2, Normal.

02:05 (Double tag disaster) In this descent via patrolling Elite, I double tag him but end up getting killed when the second blast sets off his dropped plasmas. February 2011 footage from when I was recording for BCM29. Level 5, Heroic.

02:13 (Jumpy Jackal) Another spiral path megabattle. My Banshee is almost cooked but I risk one last gung-ho attack run before bailing. A Jackal dives clear of the Banshee then appears to jump off the edge. My rocket catches up with him, but unfortunately a Hunter blast sets off a plasma grenade which kills me. June 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM186. Level 5, Heroic.

02:27 (No glasses required) After grenading the harlequin Grunt, I try a rocket, but the blast catches Johnson and shunts him into the chasm. Whoops! July 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM192. Level 5, Legendary.

02:47 (Love tap) Just a cute little event here: two Banshees bump nose to nose, and bounce apart. I was behind a rock, seeing if I could get a pilot ejected. That activity is what led to my discovery of the departure death anomaly and circling anomaly (see BCM204 and BCM209). October 2016 footage. Level 2, Normal.

02:56 (Johnson jinx) Oh dear. Johnson's having trouble standing too close to explosions again. July 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM192. Level 5, Legendary.

03:10 (Dozy Hunter) I got my first Sparking stuck Warthog by accident in May 2014, and you see that hog here. The footage was recorded soon after I got it (and then got a checkpoint, so I could do stuff to the hog). Oddly, the nearby Hunter is really dozy. I approach, expecting him to take a swing at me, but he's unreactive and I soon realize I can just stand up close. Seems like he's forgotten who I am! When I jump up onto his head he starts turning, and eventually I shoot him in the face. Maybe that jogged his memory. May 2014 footage. Level 4, Legendary.

03:52 (Flying visit) Here I'm having fun after getting a checkpoint for doing a tag-snatch. The dynamic in this clip is quite similar to the one in BCM163 around 4:57, insofar as the pilot bounces off the bridge. It's funnier though, partly because of his "Noooo!" line. November 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM163. Level 10, Easy.

04:06 (Plasma trouble) Having fun with the pilot of this stuck Banshee, I deliver a fuel rod blast at the ledge but he dies slightly beforehand and the blast sets off his dropped plasmas - with fatal consequences for me. May 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM184. Level 5, Heroic.

04:18 (Posthumous panic) Heading for the bridge to try some Banshee grabbing, I blitz the Grunts behind the door, and after I smite the third guy with a whack, he appears to be still panicking! Of course, it's merely because his line continues after his death; but it came off as quite funny. July 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM191. Level 5, Legendary.

04:34 (More plasma trouble) Another example of getting myself blown up due to the detonation of loose grenades. This time there are more bangs though. When the first of his grenades detonates, it kills me, then when the second detonates, it starts my grenades exploding. I think there are five grenade blasts in all. May 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM184. Level 5, Heroic.

04:45 (Self-grenading Grunt) At the start of this clip I'm behind a rock and I've been trying to get a pilot ejected by encouraging Banshees to scrape against the cliff. When they depart, a Grunt attacks me from above. He's practically off the edge and I see that he's likely to fall. When he decides to toss a plasma, he falls down to the spot I've just vacated and gets killed by his own grenade. Nice work grunty - quite an accomplishment! October 2016 footage. Level 2, Legendary.

05:12 (Elite wipeout) The movie started with a wipeout involving five Elites, and that's how it ends too! Once again, needles set off loose plasmas. It's a pity I didn't have the view on 2x for the explosion so you could see the Elites flying away better, but never mind. It's still worth a showing I think. November 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM206. Level 5, Heroic.

Closing remarks Most of the clips are quite recent, with fifteen of the eighteen being from this year. Only one clip was really old; the 'Double tag disaster' from 2011. Quite a strong Grunt presence in this movie I think. Also, maybe this was the most times I died in a 'Freakiness and fun' movie? Six times.