BCM226 - Ceiling pass-through, second method!

(3:15) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Whoa! Courtesy of another happy accident, I've now got a second method of passing through the entry chamber ceiling. Basically, hitting it softly! Pretty amusing, even if the success rate is lower than for the jolt method seen in BCM225. Once again I think the Banshee bumps me through - though the cause of ejection differs.

Released April 4th 2017, gameplay recorded April 1st-3rd 2017.


00:02 (Previous method) To set the stage I've started with a quick reminder of the 'jolt method' seen in BCM225. One example using the collar, one using a runner. In both cases I hit with the nose, though hitting with a wing is also viable.

00:18 (Direct impact) Previously I'd checked whether flying directly at the ceiling would work - and the answer seemed to be no, as represented by these two examples (in which for entertainment value, I allow things to continue until I'm falling to my death).

00:37 (Accidental soft hit) While working on a movie about getting onto panels, I accidentally hit the ceiling very softly while trying to line myself up for something else. And the next thing I knew, I was standing on it! Quite a surprise - and I immediately knew I was onto a second method.

00:57 (Subsequent examples) Putting my panels movie aside, I got busy investigating and was soon able to get more pass-throughs, and confirm that a soft hit is the key. This sequence includes a relatively strong hit, and also one which is extra soft. In six of the seven examples you'll notice the Banshee rotating in quite a pronounced way after hitting. That rotation is usually responsible for bumping me through I think; but in any case I think I'm always getting bumped through by the Banshee.

02:08 (Success rates) Sadly the success rate is not high, but I did get 15% measured over 100 tries. In my clip showing rapid consecutive tries, you can get a sense of the sort of repetition usually needed. I've limited it to only three failures here, so you don't get too bored. With the jolt method however, I managed 70% measured over 50 tries. To represent the comparative ease I've included a clip of two successes in a row. Originally I was going to show three, but it felt a bit too repetitive so I cut it down. Incidentally, there was one time I did seven in a row!

02:47 (Ending) Despite the low success rate, the soft hit method is both interesting and amusing. Also it shows that being forceful isn't always best. Ramming into the ceiling at high speed was no good, but hitting it softly did the trick!

Closing remarks Hey, looks like I've broken my streak of nine-minute movies. However, this one was a bit out of the ordinary, being somewhat like a brief update on the last movie's topic. Now it's done, I'll get back to my panels movie. And the way that was shaping up before the interruption, I reckon I might be heading back to 9-minute territory!