BCM229 - More plasma tennis in the ceiling room

(6:17) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. In this second instalment of plasma tennis in the entry chamber's ceiling room I demonstrate five more activities - some of which are pretty challenging!

Released April 17th 2017, gameplay recorded April 10th-16th 2017.


00:02 (Circling) The basic idea for this first activity is to drive the grenade around the column. You could try to maximize the overall ground covered if you want, but in this play I'm just having fun, and I deliberately get myself tagged at the end.

01:04 (Behind the column) This time the idea is to fire from behind the column, relative to the grenade, continually sending it from side to side. My play isn't terribly well controlled as I hadn't done much practice, but I was pleased enough with it, and showing a bit of desperation and struggle is no bad thing. Maybe later I'll try to improve my control, and show another round.

01:58 (Platform drive) This is like circling except that only the grenade circles the column, and meanwhile you stand on the platform, driving it from distance. It's a bit harder perhaps, but still relatively easy I'd say.

02:54 (Reverse circling) Now a difficult one. Here you keep backing off around the column, dragging the grenade with you by firing past it. Had to do quite a bit of play to get this clean performance. At one point the grenade goes far higher than planned, but it was still going the right way at least.

03:53 (Platform ping-pong) Probably the most difficult of the five activities, the idea here is to stand on the platform and send the grenade back and forth through the gap. But if it comes through too high - which is all too easy - it catches the top part and you're done. That's what happens in my initial failure here, after doing well for a while. Moreover the grenade falls through the floor, because it's freaky near the sides of the column. Besides catching the top, another hazard is that you might end up tagging yourself! However, a nice clean play with all ten rockets is possible, as shown.

05:57 (Self-tag trick shot) I ended the first instalment with a short bit of amusement involving the column, and here's another example, in which I'm trying to send the plasma right back to tag me. This was very hard. The timing and aiming had to be very precise even to get the plasma coming back near me, let alone scoring a tag. I did a crazy number of tries hoping to get a plasma in the face, which I think would've maximized the comedy, but frustratingly that never happened. Not surprising really; can you imagine how tiny a target my head would've been, from up where the plasma gets rocketed? I did get some tags though, and I've chosen the one I thought looked best, in terms of how my death looked and sounded (there was quite a good death cry).

Closing remarks I have ideas for further plasma tennis activities, so expect to see another movie on it sometime. Probably not the next movie though; I think two was enough for now.

New 'freakiness and fun' movie coming soon - and it's gonna be good!