BCM239 - Force-launching across the shaft

(5:25) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. In further regard to the topic of force-launching in the entry chamber, I found that by getting a sideways deflection off the alcove ceiling, you can launch across the shaft, with the Banshee potentially going almost upside-down! This movie shows some of the fun I got out of it.

Released May 22nd 2017, gameplay recorded April 19th - May 22nd 2017.


00:02 (Using normal boarding) When I realized the potential for doing cross-shaft launching, I was boarding in standard fashion then turning the Banshee as it rose, so it hit the alcove roof partly sideways. The second and third of these four examples are from that time (April 19th), and the other two were done more recently. In the third example, I don't actually bail; I get jolted out when the Banshee hits the far platform.

00:44 (Side-boarding to auto-turn) After a while, I tried boarding from the side like this, causing the Banshee to automatically start turning. It saved me needing to use a joystick to turn the Banshee. Both of these examples are from April 21st.

01:08 (Or, just look sideways) When I resumed my cross-shaft launching exploration on May 15th, I soon realized I could achieve auto-turning more easily just by looking sideways, as seen in these two examples.

01:33 (Adding rotation) I also realized that if you rotate the Banshee while it's heading across the shaft, it can look pretty weird!

02:06 (Aimed early bail) This sequence was added late, after I did some last-minute play and came up with a new theme. The basic idea is to quickly get the Banshee about-faced and then bail early, to try and shoot yourself across the shaft. You bail out the back - so it helps for the rear of the Banshee to be facing where you're heading. You can get extra distance that way. Not easy though; a few failures are included.

03:01 (Rocketing) Here are some examples of rocketing the Banshee after bailing. It's difficult though, because weapon aim goes a bit screwy when you're in mid-air.

03:43 (Getting a boost) By tagging the Banshee you can get a boost. The direction of the boost depends on the tag location. I got the best results by tagging a wing, as seen in most of these examples. In one clip (4:40) I go unusually high after seemingly getting a bump from the back of the Banshee. After hitting the wall, death seems imminent, but freakishly I get cushioned by a wing tip.

Closing remarks I think I was very lucky that the Banshee was in the spot it was. If it had been just a bit further forward or backward, I probably wouldn't have been able to get a good enough deflection, unless perhaps I could compensate to some extent with a bit of thrust as it was rising (but that would've slowed the Banshee).

Getting the Banshee flying through the air almost upside-down is pretty unusual of course. I think the only other way you can potentially do that is by colliding with another aerial vehicle. I'll have to try colliding with a covie dropship sometime, to see what effects I can get.