BCM243 - Ghost descent of the entry chamber

(4:46) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Found a new way of reaching the bottom of the entry chamber! The method in BCM242 involved a tricky platform drop in a Ghost, but when practicing higher up (free of mist), I realized it was much easier to drop to a platform further away. The ease of the new drop made it viable to drive all the way down the shaft - and fortunately it was also possible to drop from the LZ. So, all you need is Ghost driving! This is PAL Xbox. I don't know if you can survive all the drops on NTSC/PC.

Released June 9th 2017, gameplay recorded June 7th-8th 2017.


00:02 (Descent) Here's an example of the new method - plus I blast the Banshee into the shaft so I can launch back up at the end, but that's just for fun and show. The drop from the LZ relies on getting slowed by the wall. There's a risk of being ejected and killed, but the way I do it, I usually survive. The next drop is easy, though I do it rather poorly here, ending up going almost vertical. You'll see better in the next movie. After this, it's a case of alternating alcove drops and platform drops (the shaft geometry repeats). The hard part is the final platform drop, because of low visibility. At present I'm not sure I can do that with better than 50% success rate, but maybe I'll get better.

03:37 (Going either way) With each drop you can go either way of course - starting with the drop from the LZ. In my play I went clockwise once in the shaft, because that was the direction used in the Ghost driving in the previous movie, and it's what I'd got used to.

03:54 (Platform drops) The new platform jump is key to this descent method, because the old one is too hard to countenance doing it again and again. Or at least, it is for me. The new one is also more dynamic too; more fun to do.

04:31 (Speed runs!) Just thought I'd end by mentioning the possibility of doing speed runs. This bit of footage is from one such run. Two runs coming up in the next movie!

Closing remarks I thought it would be good to have music playing during the descent, so I set things up to that way. It's the music which is triggered by heading into the tunnel leading to the underground cavern, after covies have been triggered in the preceding area (the two-Wraith area). I think it makes good accompaniment.