BCM259 - Spawning fun at the structure entrance

(7:55) Level 6 ('343 Guilty Spark') on Heroic. Using the trick of flying to the top of the first map (see BCM258), here's some excellent fun you can set up at the structure entrance, dropping down to where the game wasn't expecting you to be, and seeing Grunts and Jackals spawn in front your eyes - and slaughtering them of course. There are some interesting floating guns too!

Released November 22nd 2017, gameplay recorded November 13th-20th 2017.


00:02 (Setting up) Having stayed aboard the Pelican courtesy of a grenade throw, I fly to the top of the map but bail early to start delaying the arrival checkpoint. Then after dropping down to one side of the structure entrance, I get the checkpoint and save it. You can read more about setting up in my article. Two ways in which my set-up wasn't quite ideal is that (a) my flashlight isn't fully charged and (b) I've only got three plasmas. As I realized later, having four plasmas would be preferable, because the opportunities for tagging are so good here.

01:07 (First play) This play gives you a first look at the spawning, including a glance at the three floating ARs (which appear and vanish one by one), and then I have fun wiping out the eleven covies. At 1:34 there's a mistake when I throw as if to tag a Grunt, but actually I'd switched to frags. I back away in time to avoid the blast though. The final Grunt is nicely launched.

01:49 (Covies return) This clip is for two things. Firstly to show the two covies who spawn further down the ramp (it's three on Legendary), and secondly to show the covies converging on the entrance to attack, if you wait around. I go easy on them and let a Grunt kill me, for the comedy of his taunt line.

02:20 (Gun close-ups) Three clips now give some close-up views of the floating guns. Predictably enough (first clip), it's not a good idea to stand in their line of fire! The second clip shows the gun rotation.

03:15 (Needle rampage) After the third gun close-up, I kill a Grunt and nab his needler, then go on a needle rampage against the remaining ten covies. Fine sport!

03:59 (Covies spawning outside) Three covies spawn outside, as highlighted by these three comedy clips. In the first, a Jackal who spawns at the back gets tagged with a throw made before he'd even appeared. In the second, a Grunt gets blasted immediately after spawning, courtesy of a carefully aimed high throw (not that I needed such an elaborate throw, but I thought it was amusing). In the third I again do a trick tag; and then as a bonus I pull off a good tag on the Jackal running down the hill, and an easier tag on a Grunt from the ramp.

04:53 (Beware of the bang) There's a scripted explosion which goes off near the Shade, and as you see in these two clips, it's quite a danger! In the second clip an orange Grunt gets tagged on the leg after the grenade bounces off his plasma pistol. I'd been aiming for the red Grunt beyond him.

05:12 (Shade attacks) These two clips show some Shade attacks. I could've just run to the Shade where it was, but instead I grenade it to closer locations so I can get to it faster after the spawning occurs. I go pretty easy on the covies, letting myself get killed by Grunts for the sake of hearing their taunt lines. I don't often use Shades because they're so clumsy and they're also death traps; but here they were good for a bit of variety, and for the comedy.

06:17 (Grenade ambushing) To close out, here are four clips on the theme of ambushing the ramp guys with grenades. In the first, the main group is composed entirely of Grunts, which is unusual, and they leap in shock, which is amusing and likewise unusual. One Grunt escapes but the other seven covies are killed. In the second I get all eight with just two frags. In the third I wait for the spawning to start, then achieve a nice 5-tag wipeout. The last Jackal almost got away, but luckily there was a loose plasma for me to pick up and send after him.

07:04 In the fourth, I get five of the main group with a pre-thrown plasma, and go on to finish the fight - though I get myself into trouble by getting blasted by a loose plasma, then being a bit too casual with the three guys who spawned outside. At the end you see the game give me the spawning checkpoint. Of course, I could've kept it delayed by jumping or whatever, but I didn't want to be doing that for the movie. Plus, it serves as a reminder to you that the spawning checkpoint was being delayed. There's also a good long insect sound, which I thought was good for the end of the movie.

Closing remarks I did a load of gameplay for this, to get the most entertaining action. I think I might revisit this area sometime to set up some combat on Legendary. At any rate, I definitely want to go on some more needle rampages. Really this movie was just an introduction, giving you an idea of the situation and what you can do. I need another whole movie to focus on combat.