BCM261 - Looking for yeti Flood

(7:35) Level 6 ('Guilty Spark 343') on Heroic. In the early part of the level there are the elusive so-called 'yeti Flood', which may've creeped you out in your early Halo days. I hadn't given much attention to these guys before, but having now investigated for myself, here's a guide! I've given them names for easy reference, which I'll be using in a site article shortly.

Released December 4th 2017, gameplay recorded November 29th - December 2nd 2017.


00:02 (Log guy) The yeti Flood safari begins! This wasn't all one play, but the order in which I highlight the eight guys is pretty much the order they'd appear if you were going through the level with a standard route. Log guy is easily spotted, up on the root part of the log. A Jackal catches me with a plasma ball, but soon goes flying from a frag blast. You can easily see log guy spawn if you stand in a good place - as shown in a second approach.

01:03 (Corner guy) Within log guy's trigger zone there's a small trigger zone for corner guy, who you can briefly see running. I trigger him by approaching a small rock under the dropship, but there's not much to see.

01:22 (Side guy) Further ahead, side guy can be triggered near the root area of the log. I've never glimpsed him though, despite trying. It seems he's the one guy you can't spot. For fun I've added a short clip in which I get up onto the highest log root (without using grenade boost, which is the other way you can do it), and make as if to check whether anyone's there.

01:54 (Duo guys) As I near the main part of the log, two guys - the 'duo' - spawn near a distant tree and soon run off (duo guy 1 in front, duo guy 2 behind).

02:06 (Shade guy) Shade guy was triggered at the same time, and in this clip I focus on him. He runs across behind the Shade, pauses, then runs down beyond the rise.

02:39 (Separate triggering) This clip shows that actually, Shade guy doesn't have exactly the same trigger zone as the duo. I found a spot where you can trigger just the duo. Also, if you use that spot, duo guy 1 can be clearly seen spawning - though it's unfortunately not so clear in the movie, due to image quality issues. I drop Shade guy with a pistol shot but he soon reanimates and continues his scripted behaviour. And hey, watch out for the moth; that was a big one!

03:13 (Cliff guy) Continuing with that clip, I advance along the log a short way and trigger two yeti Flood at once. I was already very close to the trigger line for that, having advanced on Shade guy a little for a better view. Cliff guy approaches the cliff edge on the right, before running away.

03:27 (Swamp guy) And secondly, swamp guy can be seen to the left, in the water. I chase to his location and get a second glimpse as he runs back the other way, but he's vanished like all the rest.

03:51 (Bodies up top) With the aid of the rock-hop shown in BCM260, I get up to the top of the map to show something interesting (already known, years ago). Namely, the yeti Flood get killed off up there! The nearest ones are the duo, and I demonstrate how their bodies are unaffected by grenade blasts (same with all the yeti Flood). Not far off is cliff guy (they all have their own death spots), and I briefly highlight an odd wavering effect. Seems like the bodies aren't resting on the ground in the normal way - which I suspect relates to the blast resistance.

05:27 (Duo body merging) Sometimes the duo are partly merged to some degree, and I show a typical example in the first clip. But they can even be totally merged, as seen in the second clip. I've only seen that once - and was quite surprised! Of course, it reminded me of my harlequin Grunt (see BCM192 and beyond). As an amusing way of showing that there really are two Flood there, I shoot off arms and heads, and it takes six shots.

06:09 (Some spawning fun) Finally, here's a demo of getting a delayed checkpoint near a trigger zone to have some fun with repeated spawning and attacking - though you can also do it to investigate a zone's boundaries. I was delaying the checkpoint associated with the triggering of the first covie group. Among my attacks is an amusing double tag which causes a wipeout. And then there's a nice clip where I manage to tag a guy as he reanimates. The blast goes off when he's just getting out of sight, so it's a mystery as to whether it dropped him or not. Made a good ending I thought.

Closing remarks I ended on a bit of fun attacking yeti Flood, but I've got some more of that coming up, so stay tuned! Also I'm working on a yeti Flood article to go with this stuff. I'll probably add that to the site when I release the next movie.