BCM269 - Yeti Flood, seeing log guy's teleport arrival

(7:11) Level 6 ('Guilty Spark 343') on Heroic. I've been curious about what it looks like when a yeti Flood gets killed by the game after teleporting. Is there a delay before death, or what? Well, I've now got a way to actually see the teleport arrival of log guy! How can it possibly be done? You just need a cunning plan.

Released January 12th 2018, gameplay recorded January 7th-10th 2018.


00:02 (First phase) At the start, head left and take the shortcut. Delay the covie spawning checkpoint and kill the covies, ideally getting at least 4 plasmas dropped for later use. On Heroic you should be fine. On lower difficulties plasmas are more sparse, which is why I decided to use Heroic here, but 4 is certainly still possible. With the covies dead, end the checkpoint delay near the Shade, ready to blast it.

00:44 (Shade moving) You need to move the Shade to the rocks at the far side of the log, so it'll block log guy if he falls and goes left. It takes a good deal of grenading, though you can also use melee in places. To start with I use double blasts to get the Shade most of the way. This typically takes all 8 grenades, but here I do it in just three double blasts, enabling me to save a frag for later. Once it's on the far side I use plasmas, topping up from the entrance area. Near the rocks the ground is level and melee can be used. I barely need any though; the Shade goes into place like a dream after being flipped. Of course, while doing this stuff, you need to be careful not to wander into log guy's trigger zone. Also, if the grenading goes badly, which it easily can, you may have to revert for another try.

02:10 (Trigger prep) Next, belatedly trigger the early checkpoint. You can do it 'backwards' as seen here; and as a bonus you get to see the early covie group spawn - something mentioned long ago in my article on shortcut fun. You can also get more plasmas (though there may still be some spare near the entrance, if you care to get them later). Delay the checkpoint and use it to prepare for triggering log guy, as seen in BCM262 and also BCM265.

03:09 (Getting him blocked) It may take a lot of tries before he falls (a phenomenon first shown in BCM262, then also in BCM266), but here it actually only took me 40-odd tries in a little over five minutes, which is considerably quicker than I was expecting. Yay! Incidentally, I was being careful with my shots, trying not to maim him, because I wanted him intact.

03:40 (Checkpointing up top) Next, delay the checkpoint associated with the lift arriving and settling, and get it on top of the map, ready to throw a high grenade to hopefully blast the Shade clear, enabling log guy to reach the rocks and teleport. You can't actually see the target, so you have to take your best guess. Of course, it won't matter if you're off; it just means you'll have to always adjust your aim, once you figure out a good one.

04:11 (Seeing him arrive) As it turns out, my judgement was good (helped by having done an earlier set-up as a trial run). My throw works first time and I see him appear and die silently. It's a pity you don't get any gurgling, but never mind. There are more clips of arrivals shown afterwards.

04:55 (Delayed arrival) On this play there's quite a delay before he arrives. This can happen when the Shade hits him, moving him further away. Notice that I threw a frag, rather than the usual plasma. It probably bounced around a bit, which tends to give more random outcomes.

05:12 (Body interference) If you stand where he appears, some novel things can happen. In the first clip there's a squelching sound and the body settles in a different position than usual. In the next two clips, something much more rare happens: he gets bumped though the ground! You can briefly see him vanishing. Then in the final two clips it's me who gets bumped through! Quite a surprise, the first time it happened. But even more of a surprise is that you get water sounds. The game acts as if you've been submerged; and then when you get reverted, there's the sound of surfacing. I assume this relates to the water in the map.

06:04 (Tagging) Finally, a bunch of clips in which he arrives tagged. Luckily my aim was already ideal for getting a tag (it was a really good aim). But doing a double tag needed more effort, and getting a triple was considerably harder. Actually, with a double or triple it was quite common for at least one of the plasmas to subsequently get snuffed out when he fell to the ground; so that was a bit of a pain. The 'closer view' was a comedy clip of course. That double blast did take me by surprise though!

Closing remarks There are other ways you could do the checkpointing for this, but the routine I showed seemed the easiest way. Thanks to some efficient Shade blasting I ended up with a frag left over. It's nice to have one, because it gives you another option for grenading from on top of the map.

As I recall, I got the general idea for this plan sometime after doing BCM266, the movie about blocking log guy from teleporting. At any rate, I tried it out the day after getting shot of BCM267, and soon got my first look at log guy arriving up top. I was all set to cover the topic as BCM268, but then I happened to see swamp guy doing his arm waving animation, and focused on that instead.