BCM284 - Body merging, Elite combinations

(6:38) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. How do things look when you super-merge two Elites of different colour? Here are the results I got from four Elites I collected, comprising red, blue, silver and gold. Some pretty fancy appearances! It's not a complete catalogue of possibilities but it'll give you a good idea of what you can get. The silver was the corpse placed near the active camouflage, and the gold was from the first bridge.

Released May 17th 2018, gameplay recorded May 15th-16th 2018.


00:02 (Red and blue) Having just super-merged a red and a blue Elite at the tunnel entrance corner featured in BCM283, I blast the resulting multi-Elite towards the ice patch, which I thought would be a nice area for displaying my results. This pair basically gives the appearance of a red Elite, but sometimes with flickering - most often in the leg area. These guys always came out like this; I did multiple mergings, as with all the combinations. After a bit of rocketing and looking, I separate the Elites with a tag for fun.

01:27 (Red and silver) This time we've got red and silver. The silver guy was the dead Elite you find near the active camouflage. The result is mixed, looking mostly silver but with predominantly red arms. As before though, there's often some flickering, especially in the leg area. Incidentally, the blue area on the head is part of the silver guy.

02:33 (Blue and silver) I got basically the same deal with blue and silver. Mixed look, often with flickering. At the end I again do separation via tagging, but this time I spice it up by having the blast go off in mid-air.

03:40 (Red and gold) Starting with red, I now combine each of the previous three Elites with the gold Elite from the first bridge. As you can see, you get a pretty exotic mixed appearance, with minor flickering - mostly on the rear end where the red guy is grey and the gold guy is black.

04:50 (Blue and gold) Blue and gold give the same deal. Exotic mixed look with minor flickering.

05:35 (Silver and gold) Likewise, same deal with silver and gold. I end by doing separation with a mid-flight blast, instead of the usual tag. A grenade blast launches the multi-Elite, then a rocket blast causes some separation and adds height (this is akin to what I did with the multi-Jackal in the previous movie), and I add a second rocket to increase the separation.

Closing remarks With my red and blue Elites I got a red appearance, but maybe you could also get blue? Bearing in mind the situation with Grunts, that's what I suspect. It may just depend on which two Elites you use. These guys always gave red, but maybe two other guys would've given blue. That's one of the things I need to explore.

As mentioned in the description, this isn't a complete catalogue. You can get other appearances and it depends partly on details of armour design. These guys all had pointy helmets, but one difference is that the silver and gold had different arm armour to the red and blue.

All the gameplay stemmed from a save I created, in which the four Elites had been assembled near the tunnel entrance corner, ready for merging any I wished. I had a Banshee for doing the merging, and the Scorpion for speedily blasting the result to the ice patch. Also, I'd deliberately killed the tunnel music, partly because I anticipated needing a lot of game play and I thought the music might get too irritating. Actually, killing the music was problematic. I couldn't do it by crossing the loading point beyond the cavern (the normal mechanism), because that would cause the silver body to get removed. Luckily I found I could do it another way, namely by flying back and entering the second octagonal room, which I hadn't been in (and which has a trigger for its own music).

My save actually also included a red and blue with different helmet style, but in the end I didn't use them. I kept to pointy helmets only.