BCM299 - Freakiness and fun, assorted clips

(5:32) Various levels and difficulties. Here's my 22nd 'freakiness and fun' compilation, showing 15 freaky or amusing incidents, most of which occurred while recording footage for my usual movies - so you may recognize some of the situations.

Released July 13th 2018, gameplay recorded 2015-2018.


00:02 (Danger! Cyborg at work) Johnson is a bit eager to run into the spot I'm grenading (to get two crewmen merged), and he goes flying in comical fashion. "You tryin' a kill u- Waaaaah!" June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM290. Level 2, Heroic.

00:18 (Oblivious Grunt) After a failed Banshee grab attempt I notice that this Grunt doesn't appear to see me. Not at first anyway. The Banshee pilot does though, and the Grunt amusingly catches some friendly fire, saying "Watch it!" Eventually he sees me and hops up onto the Shade, but I've got a plasma grenade ready. Incidentally, I've had similar behaviour with at least one other save. April 2016 footage. Level 5, Heroic.

00:51 (Bad squeeze) I've shown a few clips like this before, where I have trouble with a grenade happy Grunt at this narrow entry into the rockslide. This time my entry is rather poor. The hog overturns and carnage follows. One thing you might notice is that an Elite catches some friendly fire at the end. February 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM272. Level 2, Heroic.

01:13 (Stacker shield) Fed up with being killed so much, Stacker has come up with his own personal security system. Looks fairly robust, but not terribly mobile. What actually happened here was that I'd moved him onto a low rock, but then after crossing a loading point to get the rock randomized, he ended up like this, almost totally subsumed. That's why I decided against having him on the rock, for the section of BCM172 where I showed the five possible shapes this rock can take. Instead I had him standing next to the rock. March 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM172. Level 5, Heroic.

01:26 (Sunken plasma pistol) Here's a curiosity: a plasma pistol just beneath the ground! Only a 'shadow' of it is visible. I'm not sure how it got into that position, but it was from one of the Grunts. May 2018 footage, after noticing the sunken weapon in a save I'd created for getting the last clip of BCM283. Level 5, Heroic.

01:50 (Rock tap mishap) Chasing along the coast to try and keep up with a wandering Banshee, I mess up a dangerous bit. The back of the hog taps a rock, and the hog goes off the edge. Whoops! June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM296. Level 2, Heroic.

02:17 (Jackal on Jackal) When I head up the ramp, a Jackal spots me and starts pointing. But one of his buddies catches sight of me as well and releases a plasma ball in shock - which hits the first guy and hilariously kills him (just before my pistol shot was fired). You can hear a Grunt comment on the friendly fire: "What?" December 2017 footage from when I was recording for BCM268. Level 6, Easy.

02:25 (Falling tag) This was at the end of a rockslide megabattle, with just a few covies left to mop up. After reaching the Marine plateau I pick up a plasma pistol and a plasma grenade, then pull off a nice falling tag on a Grunt. He was initially unseen, but I lined myself up based on his sound. He was looking up towards where the hog was, though I'm pretty sure he had no sight of it. February 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM272. Level 2, Heroic.

02:48 (Retro shot) Sometimes when the Wraith fires as it falls, it can be going so fast that the plasma ball actually heads down rather than up. I got quite a few clips of that phenomenon and was saving them for a possible movie on that theme. I may still go ahead with that some day. But just in case I never get do, here's an excellent example - the nicest clip I had. My Banshee takes considerable blast damage when the plasma ball hits the ground, though I don't recall noticing at the time. Good job I wasn't any closer! March 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM277. Level 5, Legendary.

03:13 (Toe-hold) While looking at a harlequin crewman, I notice a Marine, who's just missed his ride on the Pelican. Seems to be demonstrating a little known mountaineering technique. Impressive! June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM290. Level 2, Heroic.

03:37 (Up-ended) Driving down the valley and just about to launch off a hump, a Banshee blast causes my ejection and I don't survive the landing. September 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM157. Level 2, Legendary.

03:48 (Meeting of minds) Here's something interesting with a yeti Flood, namely 'cliff guy'. When I deliberately shoot the Marine (causing protest), cliff guy briefly switches his attention to the Marine. That could do with further investigation. December 2017 footage from when I was recording for BCM264. Level 6, Easy.

04:04 (Two many targets) After disrupting circling Banshees, I get spotted. They both head my way and I attempt to take them both out with tags, but my second throw misses the further Banshee, and meanwhile the first Banshee brings the first plasma back to go off in my face. Oh dear. June 2018 footage from the day after releasing BCM294. Level 2, Heroic.

04:25 (Friendly flyer) Thinking it might make a nice movie, I had the idea of lurking at this doorway and trying to get Banshees destroyed by the Wraith. I ended up not going ahead with a movie (seemed like there would be too much waiting around), but I did get some destructions. This was the best and took about 3.5 minutes of play, by which time both Banshees had each been hit once already (hence the smoke). 'Friendly flyer', get it? March 2017 footage. Level 5, Legendary.

04:50 (Nuclear option) When I stand aside for some Marines to run off (after which I would've shot the second crewman), I soon notice a blockage. Not to worry, I can fix that! I've got plenty of grenades after all. A frag does the job very nicely. Cyborg problem-solving at its finest! This is a clip which I thought would make an excellent ending for one of these movies - and it also takes us back to the start, with Johnson being killed again, and the sentiment "Are you trying to kill us?" being voiced (also, "Ready to roll" again). A nice symmetry I thought. June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM290. Level 2, Heroic.

Closing remarks I spent a bit of time wondering what to do for movie 299 to take me up to the big 300 milestone, but then I had a go at putting some clips together for yet another compilation, and it turned out I had enough to make something good. About 2 mintues of the material comes from very recent topics - body merging and wandering Banshees - so that helped a lot. This compilation stuck me as being pretty good for comedy. Maybe even the funniest - but I can't be fussed to check through the other 21 to see.

Hey, I only got killed four times in this compilation. That's pretty good!