BCM335 - Cavern wall anomaly, more falling

(5:52) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Following on from BCM334, here's some more falling through the hidden gap on the far side of the cavern, but this time I'm exploring other directions, using a set-up in which I had a lot of covies gathered below.

Released February 26th 2019, gameplay recorded February 21st-25th 2019.


00:02 (Suiciding to the platform) In these first two clips I drift back through the wall and give the covies a nasty surprise with a rocket from above, before going splat on the platform. Just a bit of fun I was having, leading to the topic coming next.

00:23 (Hitting something high) When doing that, I was sometimes hitting something invisible quite high up, as illustrated with these next four clips. Took me a while to realise what it was. Seems to be the base of the rocky overhang - which you get the best evidence of at the end of the fourth clip.

00:56 (Landing there) I started trying to land there but it was very hard. Usually if you hit it, you're either killed or bounce off (sometimes comically into the chasm). It seemed like my target was actually just a line extending out perpendicular to the wall, and I needed to hit it fairly exactly to avoid bouncing off.

01:29 After unpteen tries I finally managed it and had a bit of fun firing on the covies, though my shots needed to be at a sufficiently low angle. I then tried to get down, but failed as expected. I later managed one more landing (took more than half an hour), to see if I could move off the line, but there was no support there and I just fell through.

02:48 (Hitting something lower down) I was also sometimes hitting something lower down. Another mystery! But eventually I concluded it was the wall itself - which seems clear in the fourth clip of this five clip sequence. Maybe you're hitting the top edge of a wall segment (various wall segments), but I'm not sure how the collision stuff works.

03:31 (Heading left) Three clips now in which I head left (could've shown more, but I opted for brevity in case all this falling is getting a bit monotonous). One time as seen, I ended up in the passage! Dead though.

04:02 (Trying to get down) I started trying to make it down to the platform alive, and realised that hitting the wall can slow you up a bit without killing you, giving you a chance of success. But I think you then need a second bit of cushioning from the low pipe.

04:36 That's what I went for, and after a nauseating number of tries I managed it (I'm pretty sure I skimmed the pipe after hitting the wall). But I was in such a poor state, the covies slaughtered me in less than four seconds. I never had a chance.

04:50 (Mad cyborg attack) I had this attack idea for something spectacular and comical to end the movie with. It doesn't involve the hidden gap of course; it's just an outlandish Banshee-cushioned descent attack to pay back the covies for slaughtering me. I did quite a lot of play for this. Achieving victory after nailing a descent was hard because the covies were instantly murderous. I got down many times (success rate may've been around 20% or suchlike), but was usually killed in seconds. I managed a handful of victories though, and this was my favourite, featuring an excellent first rocket which takes out two of the four Elites. A red Elite had already leapt off the platform to avoid the Banshee, so that helped a lot too. Got excellent cushioning as well; barely even damaged my shield!

Closing remarks Still not finished on this topic yet. Part three coming soon!