BCM341 - Cavern megabattle

(6:20) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. My penultimate movie involved some cavern conflict (after teleporting inside), but only with the usual smallish contingent of covie troops there. It put me in the mood for something more meaty, and that can only mean one thing. Cavern megabattles! In these three bridge assaults I go in hard with three different weapon combos, aided by 12 Marines, fighting against 38 covies. It's pretty much a repeat of BCM181, as I'm using the same save and same weapon combos.

Released March 23rd 2019, gameplay recorded March 18th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Needler and AR) Heading into battle, I needle two dozy Grunts and get to work on the Hunter. He's pretty weak and quickly killed. Actually I almost got whacked when I was backing off and clumsily bumped into the big block. But luckily he died before hitting me.

00:29 The main bridge push kicks off and I wreak a good deal of explosive havoc with grenades and needles, along with occasional AR drilling. Towards the end you can hear Johnson yell "Next time I'm bringing real Marines!" Guess he wasn't happy with his guys.

01:18 Now near the end of the bridge, I throw some plasmas to hopefully soften things up, then charge in, needling a couple of blue Elites before heading left to clear some Grunts and Jackals.

01:44 Heading back the other way, I see a red Elite and send in a stream of needles. Even before they reach him, he gets blasted by a Hunter's fuel rod shot from behind. But then the needles arrive and finish him. That just leaves two Hunters and some Jackals to mop up. Not much trouble, but an aussie Marine gets killed by a Hunter swipe just before victory is achieved.

02:25 (Play 2 - Plasma combo) A plasma pistol and plasma rifle make a great power combo, and once again I push hard over the bridge. One highlight is around 3:08 when I throw a frag at a glut of Elites, killing two I think. Would've been three, but a red Elite crumpled just before the bang). After that, I advance to a stanchion for cover but have to deal with a blue Elite at close range, then go back a bit to finish a Hunter.

03:34 It's getting around time to advance off the bridge, and I throw some grenades first (one of them is badly aimed and wasted). Finally I charge with my plasma rifle, picking out a blue Elite and finishing him with a whack. That leads me towards a red Elite standing by an overturned Ghost. I shape up to deliver a plasma ball, but mess up and the charge dies; but I manage a close-range tag instead.

03:56 The Hunters and other covies give me a bit of a run-around, but soon they're toast, and I head to the other side to mop up there, ending with a nice Grunt tag.

04:41 (Play 3 - Pistol and rocket launcher) After tagging the two sleeping Grunts, I do a bit of pistol work which takes out the Hunter. Just before I dodge in to cover, I throw a plasma which tags an Elite. He cries out, and you can see him just after I step out again.

05:03 With a few more grenade throws I advance and get busy with the rocket launcher. My first two rockets are direct hits, taking out a Hunter and an Elite. My shield is bleeping though, so I take cover for a few seconds and let the Marines take up the slack.

05:18 Stepping out again, I use the launcher to force my way to new cover further along the bridge. In particular, there's a nice rocket around 5:25 which takes out two blue Elites (that was a deliberate aim).

05:31 Time for the final push. A rocket takes out one of the remaining Hunters plus some minor covies, then I head left to mop up the covies there. Mostly with pistol fire, but I tag a Jackal for fun.

05:52 Now heading back the other way, I fire a rocket which kills an Elite and Jackal in very satisfying fashion, then use my other tube on a Jackal before he can fire a plasma ball. There's another Jackal who does get a plasma ball away, but it misses me and I throw a plasma. That kills him, just before I put a bullet in the back of the final Hunter. A nice neat finish.

Closing remarks Wow, my last cavern megabattle movie was about 100 movies ago! So it was definitely high time for a return. Very enjoyable too.