BCM364 - Mob battle solo with two Hunters, x6

(6:26) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Using the Hunter set-up seen in the last movie, I created three modifications for solo battling, each with a different weapon combo and mob location (the Marines and back Elite have been eliminated). Here are two plays of each. The variety may help give you some idea of the huge potential for solo mob battling. The opening play is a nice example of a fall-back defence (gradual retreat). Also included are two hectic choke-point defences.

Released June 11th 2019, gameplay recorded June 9th-10th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1) In this first modification I've got a needler and plasma rifle, and the mob starts at the back corner. I tag one of the three red Elites as he boards the Ghost. The other two I try to work on as I fall back, using the Hunters as a shield. But I don't nail either of them, and eventually break off to take more decisive action. After that it's the usual case of mopping up, but I get too casual with the final Jackals, especially the last. I was hoping he'd panic, but he stays aggressive and take me down to a single health bar before I zap him dead.

01:21 (Play 2) This time I do a choke-point defence, fighting below the end of the ramp-like hill. Pretty nasty with those red Elites! There's a nice big bang when I take out the third around 1:53. Near the end I thought the covies were done with, but then I heard some clip-clopping and realised there was a Grunt behind the tree. Silly fellow. Should've kept quiet!

02:27 (Play 3) In this second modification I've got the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, and the mob is at the Marine area. After a spot of sniping I switch to the launcher and take out the Ghost with a one-two, which is the best bit. I could've just blasted it directly, but my first rocket was deliberately aimed towards the ground at its rear, trying to somersault it for fun.

03:31 (Play 4) This time I drop myself off on a distant rock, and with the sniper rifle I take aim at the Elites as they run for the Ghost. Three headshots, one after another. Nice! After that, it's mostly a case of rockety fun, leaving the Hunters for last.

04:29 (Play 5) For this third modification I've got a pistol and assault rifle, and the mob is to the 'front' of the Shade plateau. This sets up an excellent choke point defence using AR and grenades, as you can see. Against three red Elites the AR is rather underpowered, so my early grenade use was crucial to survival. At the end there's a Jackal who went around the plateau. You can see his dot on my tracker around 4:55.

05:28 (Play 6) This time it's pistol and grenades. My plan was to overturn the Ghost, kill one or two Elites early on - including whoever was running for the Ghost - and then take it from there. It was a tough job prevailing like this. Tackling the Elites I felt pretty underpowered with the pistol. On this play though, an early tag takes out two of them, and I get the third with a Ghost tag. There's some nice fragging of the minors after that. At the end, I deliberate get near the last Grunt so he gets whacked by the Hunter. Sends him flying!

Closing remarks With all of these modifications I used a delayed tunnel checkpoint for my new checkpoint. I also got a fresh Banshee (the platform Banshee) along the way; and when I returned to the area, I found that I had to give the Hunters a zap to get them chasing again. With the first and third modifications I got the checkpoint using my drop method.

In regard to the choke point defence at the Shade plateau, I really need to do some more of that, and with other weaponry. That choke point already featured in BCM355 around 4:06, but only with a depleted mob.