BCM392 - Warthog catapulting with a dropship

(5:48) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. Using some choice footage left over from previous work, this final dose of Warthog catapulting with a dropship covers four themes with four clips apiece, before ending with some miscellaneous clips.

Released December 4th 2019, gameplay recorded September 8th - November 29th 2019.


00:02 (Slow spin) These are just four nice clips in which the hog spins at a relatively slow rate. Actually the corkscrew spin in the second clip isn't all that slow, but it's still slower than average.

01:06 (Fast spin) Now four clips featuring relatively fast spin. The third one isn't as fast as the others, but it's still a nice dynamic, and amusing to see Johnson desparately trying to hold on to the chain-gun.

02:05 (Dropship touchdown) Here are four clips in which I end up setting foot on the Pelican, late into its flight. In all but the second clip I get there via bailing - though it's really just down to luck that I get sent in a suitable direction. In two of the clips I briefly get a flip prompt for the ship. One of these days, maybe I'll get to see what that does.

03:12 (Late save) Now, four clips in which I bail late or get ejected late, saving me from certain death. The second and fourth are miracle saves performed with bailing. In the first clip I can't actually remember whether I bailed or got ejected, but in any case it's a lucky escape. In the third I'm pretty sure I got ejected.

04:23 (Extra long) Beginning four individual clips to end, here's one of my longest landed flights.

04:41 (Extra bouncy) A very rare case of bouncing off a departing Pelican then hitting the dropship again. In fact this only happened once. Footage obtained while working on BCM391.

04:58 (Reboarding trick) A simple reboarding trick you can do at the dropship. Footage obtained way back on September 8th while working on BCM386. All the rest is from November 23rd onwards.

05:11 (Final fun) The hog hits the tower's channel and I fall into it. As I'm recovering, there's a fast-fading scream from Johnson. Dude got zapped! Guided initially by the sound, I manage to catch sight of his distant falling body in my sniper scope. Meanwhile I'm also aware that the hog's engine is anomalously still running. Just as I go in search of it, the tower fires again and this time it's me who gets zapped. Pretty good comedy clip. Footage obtained while working on BCM390.

Closing remarks Ok, I think that'll do it for this topic. At least for now, though it's always possible that I might come back for a bit more launching sometime. There are a few things I'd still like to do. But especially, it would be nice to get the hog zapped in mid-air. Or just myself zapped in mid-air after bailing.