BCM395 - Glasshouse battle x3, sniping and more

(6:47) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. More glasshouse battling. This time I'm using a new set-up in which I've moved spare weapons into the room for extra convenience (done while delaying the spawn checkpoint). There's some leisurely sniping to start with, then I step up the pace for the next two battles. Incidentally, I've now switched to using the the term 'glasshouse battle'. It made sense to have a name for the battle rather than just alluding to the seventh room.

Released December 19th 2019, gameplay recorded December 17th-18th 2019.


00:02 (Sniper rifle & pistol) I didn't want to do a tutorial for the new set-up, because the idea is pretty simple; just that of keeping the spawn checkpoint delayed until you've moved weapons to where you want (as covered in my article). Instead I've just taken a few seconds at the start of this play to show most of weapons I moved. The play is mainly to showcase sniper rifle use, and in particular there's a 'sneaky sniping spot' featured around 1:11. But I also do some work with a pistol, a weapon which has been absent so far.

03:13 (Plasma combo with a lot of tagging) Plasma pistol and plasma rifle now, but with a lot of tagging along the way, mostly of the 'stun and tag' variety. Eleven tags in fact; so that's a major theme of the play. I start by going around to the right. The two patrolling Elites are currently in that area, making the combat extra spicy. That's a very nice aspect of this set-up, though it was just luck as to where the Elites happened to be. At the end I do a bit of orbiting between the ramps before taking the plunge and charging in. The final Elite turns into a bit of a handful (I was a bit gung-ho there), but I hold on to three health bars at least.

05:14 (Rockets & AR) I used this weapon combo in BCM393 but this play follows quite a different pattern, initially with an advance into the inner area, and some sneaky grenading through a window. The two patrolling Elites attack me from a different window and get a rocket for their trouble, and that leads me into going around the right hand side of the room, finishing off the ground troops. Near the end I almost get killed by my own frag after charging into the glasshouse too early. Doh! Things are touch and go with the final Elite - a nasty red - and I'm relieved when he's killed by a plasma blast, sending him out through a window.

Closing remarks No needling this time, but that's because I've got a whole load of it coming next. Needles and more needles. It's going to be intense. And noisy!