BCM407 - Glasshouse battle, advance weapon placement

(4:57) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. A while back, I realized I could get weapons into the seventh room in advance of the covies spawning there, thus allowing me complete freedom in regard to weapon placement. Here's a demo outlining the work as part of making a good base save, from which you could then create battle saves.

Released February 8th 2020, gameplay recorded Februrary 7th-8th 2020.


00:02 (Harvesting on the bridges) The movie starts with my return to the bridge, where I left a Banshee (I flew there after dealing with the level's first covie dropship, then I went down in the lift and onwards until that lower room spawned, then I headed back up). I've got a rocket launcher with me, from way back in the level. In the clips, you see me harvesting some of the weapons dropped on the bridge. I'm interested in needlers especially.

02:05 (Weapon pile at the door) The bridges are clear now, and I make a weapon pile at the locked door. Just four full needlers and a rocket launcher, but you could have more of course. I could've added another few needlers without much trouble. In fact I'd already collected some in the room before the bridges - but I ended up not using them.

02:59 (Successful bump) Here's where I successfully bump through the door and get a boarding prompt on the other side. It took about a dozen tries, from the delayed checkpoint I got.

03:05 (Weapon placement) After bringing the weapons through the door via swapping, I put them in various places. Two go in the inner area, one around the outside, one in the glasshouse, and the last one goes into a pipe, which is done by jumping as I swap. See the final play in BCM400 for why you might like a spare needler there!

04:04 (Part of a weapon collection) This inserted clip shows something else you could do; putting weapons in the passage, as part of a weapon collection (which can get completed later, when using the base save).

04:22 (Back out, and finishing) The boarding prompt lets me get back out, and then I get a delayed tunnel checkpoint just before the trigger for the Elite room. That'll make for a good base save.

Closing remarks I stalled on this tutorial for a while, but finally it's done and I'm back on track for finishing off my glasshouse battle series. Two movies left I reckon. Coming up next, I'll be battling against the maximum 40 covies. I wanted to show this weapon provision tactic first though. I was pleased with it, and it's also something I used in creating the 40-covie save I'll be using.