BCM421 - Special ops shortcut fun

(6:27) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Easy. Continuing with the fleeing special ops squad seen in the last movie and again using my snatched Banshee, I have fun getting them diverted into a shortcut, in which they exhibit some odd behaviour. Surprisingly, it also sometimes results in a Grunt snapping out of his running!

Released April 19th 2020, gameplay recorded April 14th-18th 2020.


00:02 (One Grunt shortcutting) As a first example, here's a single Grunt taking the shortcut. On the other side he's reunited with the one other remaining Grunt, and they continue on their way.

00:50 (Two Grunts) This time I get two Grunts into the shortcut, but one of them drifts off the narrow path and goes mountaineering up the sloping side. Still makes it out though, and then he surprisingly stops to fight. During the shortcut I rocket the hidden thirsty Grunt. I've got a whole movie coming up on him later!

02:00 (Two Grunts again) Another case of getting two Grunts. The front guy is initially keeping to the narrow path, but when I get in front of him he drifts up the slope, and I block him at the end. Doesn't stop the second guy though, who disrespectfully clambers over my head. Outside, he ends up running into the wall, but his buddy stops to fight.

03:04 (Three Grunts) It's rare to get three Grunts into the shortcut, but here's an example. The front guy keeps to the narrow path and continues his run once out, but the other two go mountaineering and subsequently stop to fight.

04:09 (An Elite) On very rare occasions one of the Elites is dawdling enough that you can block him. And then maybe he'll take the shortcut, as seen here. Notice his hopping. Just like Grunts, he's having trouble with the various shallow slopes.

04:44 (Grunts sidetracked) With a bit of careful nudging, you can get a shortcutting Grunt into the side passage. In this example I manage to get two in. But one of them gets killed by a fire, and even the thirsty Grunt ends up dead, killed by an exploding fuel rod cannon. Disaster!

05:44 (Helping) You can nudge a Grunt past the fire though, to get him to the end.

Closing remarks I discovered this phenomenon while working on the previous movie. One time I saw a Grunt emerging from the shortcut's exit, which was a surprise. When I inspected the recorded footage, it looked like my Banshee may've been responsible. I'd touched it down early on the left, which didn't actually block anyone, but I think it must've caused that Grunt to go for the shortcut. I subsequently tried blocking them, and was soon able to get Grunts shortcutting.