BCM431 - Riding a backstop Sentinel, more examples

(6:53) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Heroic. Going back to riding on a backstop Sentinel, here are twelve more examples, featuring various nice rides, mid-air transfers, interesting Sentinel behaviour, novel happenings and tag tricks. It seemed like a movie worth doing, partly because my riding had improved compared to a lot of my earlier play.

Released May 22nd 2020, gameplay recorded May 18th-19th 2020.


00:02 (Sentinel too low) Back in BCM428 (around 4:16) there was an example of a Sentinel ending up too low and opening fire. I commented that it was unusual, but I've had quite a few more examples since then, such as this one, and I'd say it's not so unusual after all. Here you get a good view of the moment it goes hostile, plus there's some good footage of it firing up at me.

01:12 (Smooth ride, quick return) A smooth and quick return trip on the second Sentinel. Good riding, without any pause.

01:30 (Sentinel too low) Another pretty good ride, and the Sentinel goes hostile below the opening.

01:55 (Mid-air transfer) I showed a mid-air transfer at the end of BCM429, but now here's a nice one on the right.

02:13 (Double destruction tag trick) A new trick I thought of. I tag my Sentinel just before jumping to the opening, and the bang takes out both Sentinels.

02:31 (Unusual twitching) The Sentinel goes into some fairly unusual twitching (unusual in the sense that the two orientations involved are opposites), and later goes into a spin. At the time of writing, I've still only seen such a spin this one time.

03:19 (Another quick return) Here's a quick return trip on the first Sentinel, demonstrating good riding technique. Then my tag destroys both.

03:35 (Recess landing) After tagging the first Sentinel as I transfer, I mess up my intented return and find myself on a shallow recess below the opening. First time I've been there. I have a go at falling to the high ground, but die as expected.

04:10 (Sentinel too high) As the Sentinel approaches the opening, I'm careful to stay on top as it goes vertical, a possibility I'd become used to. When I do a jump, you can see that it rises a bit. A jump like that is what I messed up in BCM429 around 5:21. When I then jump into the opening, it overshoots and is left behind outside above the opening, a possibility previously seen in BCM429 around 1:37.

04:58 (Mid-air transfer plus tag) Another new trick I thought of. I tag my Sentinel just before transferring to the second Sentinel and riding it back (something I messed up in the 3:35 clip). It's quite hard to do the tag, because you're also wanting to focus on the transfer.

05:18 (Sentinel too low) As with the movie's first clip, the Sentinel ends up stopped below the opening. This time though, it's lower down and I can't do a simple jump to get back (also, for some reason it stops firing). A grenade jump does the trick though. Good job too, as I wouldn't have got a second chance!

06:33 (Double destruction tag trick) Finally, another nice example of the trick shown at 2:13, in which a parting tag takes out both Sentinels outside.

Closing remarks This movie grew out of some gameplay I did after the previous riding movies. I thought there was potential for further interesting things to happen, so I started some playing to see what turned up. And pretty soon I had plenty of worthwhile footage to choose from.

One last riding movie on the way, namely concerned with crouching for a close view. That's something I started doing towards the end of this gameplay, and realised it needed a movie of its own.