BCM432 - Riding on a backstop Sentinel, crouched view

(5:27) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Heroic. When riding on a backstop Sentinel you can crouch for a nice close view, as seen in these examples. Needs quite a bit of care though.

Released May 23rd 2020, gameplay recorded May 19th-22nd 2020.


00:02 To start with, some nice views on the left. But then the Sentinel does a turn and I fall off.

00:44 I've arranged the clips so they alternate between the left and the right; so now here's a clip on the right. Just as I'm about to slip off I stand up to get better traction, but it's too late.

01:20 There's a good spell here where you can notice the slow ascent very well. But then I slip off.

01:55 A return trip at last!

02:39 My fifth whack unexpectedly destroys the Sentinel. I suspect that counted as a hit from above, something which can make for a one-hit kill as seen in the 'mid-air melee' section of BCM430.

03:07 Most of the crouched viewing here is of the Sentinel after it's reached the opening, when it starts firing. Eventually I tag it and make a nifty descent.

03:59 Of course, it's not really a very good idea to destroy your ride.

04:31 A second return trip, and then my double tag sends the Sentinel flying, ultimately to crash into the rocky surface in the distance. Very nice I thought.

Closing remarks That's the last of my backstop Sentinel movies I think. Hopefully seven was enough for you. I did also have footage of balancing for 2 minutes 35 seconds, my record (from May 17th), but I decided not to use that. It would've been somewhat dull to watch, and in any case, balancing became less of an interest to me after I realised you could ride back.