BCM448 - Tunnel megabattle, another three plays

(6:28) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. This shows another three plays of the tunnel megabattle set-up used in the last movie. Includes some battling right at the bottom of the tunnel, and also some Banshee fun.

Released August 25th 2023, gameplay recorded August 20th-25th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Giving them the Ghost) Another use for that Ghost I moved into position is to let the covies have it, so I can enjoy blowing it up. In this case I initially tag it but it doesn't blow (alhough it does splatter an Elite). But I subsequently get it righted again with a deliberately aimed frag, and after a new Elite clambers aboard, I tag it again and then it blows.

01:45 (Play 2 - Going deep) Okay, technically this is two plays, but the first is rather abortive! Actually that clip is just something I added in for comedy. A long-range Hunter shot sails in behind me and blows up the Banshee, which had already taken heavy damage from the initial barrage of covie fire. Hope it made you jump!

In the next try the Banshee again takes a hit, but this time on the nose and without destruction. Luckily it hadn't taken much damage from the initial barrage. Around 3:16 I pick up a needler and make a point of using that for some variation from the pistol and plasma rifle. But later I get myself into trouble, initially by carelessly taking blast damage from a needle bang, and then finding myself attacked by a Hunter I hadn't realised was there. But at least I manage to retrieve the situation and survive with three health bars intact.

Down at the bottom, battling can potentially get intense but it depends on the enemy arrival dynamic. In this play I paused the Banshee twice to help keep the covies in touch and to try and make things more intense than otherwise.

04:39 (Play 3 - Banshee fun) A spot of Banshee play to finish now, mostly taking place in the mid-to-upper area of the tunnel. Around 5:46 I try to spatter some minor covies by shunting the Ghost their way, but although it's a good shunt, it doesn't get any. It does make two Grunts dive clear though. The second one is hard to see, and I've only noticed it just now when writing the commentary and doing a frame-by-frame inspection, but he dives as the Ghost slides down.

Closing remarks One more helping of plays with this set-up coming next!