Tunnel megabattle

Posted August 23rd 2023

Associated movies

  • BCM447 - Normal; Setting up plus two plays (6:14)
  • BCM448 - Normal; Another three plays (6:28)
  • BCM449 - Normal; Another four plays (6:44)
  • BCM450 - Normal; Sniping plays (6:37)
  • BCM451 - Normal; Sniping plays with mob stretching (6:22)
  • BCM452 - Normal; Base fight set-up & plays (6:51)
  • BCM453 - Normal; More base fighting (6:51)
  • BCM454 - Normal; Up-flow set-up & plays (6:50)
  • BCM455 - Normal; More up-flow action (6:38)
  • BCM456 - Normal; Up-flow battling with a base fight set-up (6:51)
  • BCM457 - Normal; Better up-flow set-up work (6:48)
  • BCM458 - Normal; Modifying an up-flow set-up (6:51)
  • BCM459 - Normal; Up-flow sniping & rocketing (6:34)
Here they come!

The 'tunnel megabattle' takes place in the rising tunnel after the cavern. Adapting the recipe for setting up a tower zone megabattle, you can instead get the gathered mob of covies set up for fighting you in the tunnel, a rather unique environment. The covies could be heading down the tunnel or heading up it; both dynamics are possible. And as with that other megabattle, you can even arrange for Marine support! The battling is excellent, and includes the possibility of leisurely sniping with a very nice light-amplified view.

Get back you devils!

Like my tower zone megabattle article, this article is essentially a replacement upgrade for part of my fairly brief 2004 piece 'Massed enemy fun', which contained the basic ideas for what have now become these two megabattles. It seemed appropriate to separate out the tunnel fighting into its own megabattle, as it has its own special character as well as some particular set-up aspects. These two new articles complete my radical upgrade to that now deleted old piece. It's a pity it took me almost nineteen years to get around to this, but better late than never!

This is now the seventh megabattle I've described on the site, and the fifth one I've described for Assault on the Control Room (four of them taking advantage of a mob collected in the tower zone). A fine place for unscripted conflagrations, this level!

NOTE: For now I've just got some solo set-up work covered, plus a bit of battle talk. Further material will be added soon, including the details of adding Marines to the battle.