BCM447 - Tunnel megabattle, setting up plus two plays

(6:14) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. This briefly shows how to set up a tunnel megabattle (using the usual work for assembling a tower zone megabattle mob), then features two plays of the set-up, one on foot (armed with a pistol and plasma rifle) and one using a Ghost which I moved into the tunnel.

Released August 23rd 2023, gameplay recorded August 20th-22nd 2023.


00:02 At the start of this coverage on setting up, I show some footage of how I got a Ghost into the tunnel for potential later use (this is optional of course). I just blasted it in, and made sure it was overturned so Elites wouldn't be able to board (flew in for that, as it had got quite a way inside). Would've been easier to get a Ghost in place via early rearranging if I'd been doing any, but still, it wasn't much trouble doing it like this with covies around.

00:41 Right after that, I shunted the tower Banshee down off the roof so I could more easily switch to it later (after getting the mob formed). It's not important to the set-up at all, but it's an option mentioned in my set-up advice for the tower zone megabattle, and since I did it here, I thought I'd briefly show it.

00:50 Some while later I've formed the mob (and have switched to the tower Banshee), and now I draw it along to the tunnel, making sure to keep the usual checkpoint delayed. Mostly that's taken care of by enemy threat, but at times when I'm getting a bit distant from enemies, I use Banshee firing to be sure the delay continues. A few covies get somewhat left behind, but eventually I notice and go back to get them moving.

01:28 With the covies now near the tunnel exit, I do some flying back and forth above two places they flock to, namely on either side of the exit. That gets them closer, and soon I'm ready to checkpoint. I settle for simply getting it above them using my drop method (which also featured in BCM439).

02:11 (Play 1 - On foot) For openers here's a basic battle in which I dismount relatively early to initially fight in the upper part of the tunnel. Pressure eventually forces me quite a way down though. Incidentally, around 3:37 just after tagging a Grunt, I thought I picked up a loose plasma, which is why I subsequently made a move to try and tag a Jackal with it. But I didn't have the plasma after all. Looks like the game removed it when it went out of my view, fractionally before I reached it. I should've looked down to keep it in view.

03:56 (All blues) I thought I'd throw this clip into the movie to show the Elites I've got (having slain the other constituents of the mob), because they all turned out to be blue! That's the first time I've had that, in forming tower zone mobs.

04:25 (Play 2 - Ghost fun) For my second play I clamber into the Ghost I took care to provide, and I fight in the upper part of the tunnel. The Ghost comes perilously close to blowing up, but somehow it holds together for a glorious victory.

Closing remarks That footage was all from the 20th, except for the clip showing the blue Elites. I had both of the plays done within twenty minutes of finishing the set-up.