Tower zone megabattle

Posted August 4th 2023

Associated movies

  • BCM439 - Normal; Setting up with no advance prep (6:17)
  • BCM440 - Normal; Four plays of the set-up (6:20)
  • BCM441 - Normal; Another four plays (6:27)
  • BCM442 - Normal; Another four plays (6:32)
  • BCM443 - Normal; Another four plays (6:33)
  • BCM444 - Normal; Another four plays (6:28)
  • BCM445 - Normal; Sniping plays (6:56)
  • BCM446 - Normal; More sniping plays (6:50)
  • BCM460 - Normal; Pistol & needler x5 (6:53)
  • BCM461 - Normal; Pistol & needler x4 (6:52)
  • BCM462 - Normal; Sniper rifle & launcher x5 (6:55)
  • BCM463 - Normal; Sniper rifle & launcher x4 (6:48)
  • BCM464 - Normal; Having the Wraith (6:31)
  • BCM465 - Normal; More Wraith plays (6:33)
  • BCM466 - Normal; Wraith plus Ghosts (6:21)
  • BCM467 - Normal; Another three plays (6:19)
  • BCM468 - Normal; Another three plays (6:35)
  • BCM469 - Normal; Indoor sniping (6:21)
  • BCM470 - Normal; More tower defence (6:54)
  • BCM471 - Normal; Pistol & needler x4 (6:36)
  • BCM472 - Normal; Shadow play jamboree (6:53)
  • BCM473 - Normal; Sniper rifle & launcher x4 (6:57)
  • BCM474 - Normal; Sniper rifle & launcher x4 (6:56)
  • BCM475 - Normal; Rear mob set-up plus action preview (6:38)
  • BCM476 - Normal; Rear mob plays x5 (6:46)
  • BCM477 - Normal; Rear mob plays x5 (6:54)
  • BCM478 - Normal; Rear mob pipe perch fun (6:46)
  • BCM479 - Normal; Rear mob vehicle plays (6:56)
  • BCM480 - Normal; Rear mob door mischief (7:38)
  • BCM481 - Normal; Rear mob tower plays (6:45)
  • BCM482 - Normal; Rear mob chain reaction fun with a Ghost (6:53)
  • BCM483 - Normal; Rear mob ice party (6:51)
  • BCM484 - Normal; Rear mob indoor vehicle fun (6:58)
  • BCM485 - Normal; Rear mob camo fun (6:50)
  • BCM486 - Normal; Rear mob shadow plays (6:39)
  • BCM487 - Normal; Rear mob plateau channel spotlight (6:56)
  • BCM488 - Normal; Rear mob pipe-top fun (7:35)
  • BCM489 - Normal; Rear mob passage plays (7:36)
  • BCM490 - Normal; Rear mob plateau plays (6:54)
Quite a mess over here!

The 'tower zone megabattle' is something you can quite easily set up in the tower area, i.e. the big snowy expanse with a mysterious huge tower in the middle. You can form a large collection of covies there - up to 38 on Normal and 39 on Heroic - and battle them in various ways. Moreover you have an extremely feature rich playground, giving enormous battle possibilities and variation (the most of any megabattle in fact), so you absolutely need to give it a whirl. With extra work there's also the potential for adding Marines to the proceedings, giving you even more bang for your buck.

Looks like I'm getting on top

This article is essentially a replacement upgrade for the core of a fairly brief one titled 'Massed enemy fun' from September 20th 2004. I had the basic idea in place then, namely to collect a mob of covies in the tower zone (this having been part of the work for setting up a spiral path megabattle) and have fun with them, but it's only now with my 2023 return to content production that I've come back to it and realised that things needed to be better worked out and developed, and what we've really got on our hands is a full blown megabattle. Also, previously I hadn't considered that Marine support could be arranged - something which now adds a major new dimension. Nor had I added roving Hunters to the mix.

Note: the other part of my upgrade for that old piece is Tunnel megabattle, detailing a megabattle which takes place in the rising tunnel just before the tower zone. It's somewhat of a companion article to this one, as the set-up work is basically an adaptation of what you do here.

In view of how much there is to talk about, I've made this a multi-page affair. But if you just want to quickly get a taste of the action, all you need is the short Basics section on my setting up page, and you can leave a more careful set-up for later.

NOTE: For now I've just got the set-up work for solo battling covered. Further material will be added later, including the details of adding Marines to the battle.