BCM462 - Tower zone megabattle, sniper rifle & launcher x5

(6:55) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. A tunnel megabattle set-up in which the mob is at the tunnel exit is also good for tower zone megabattles, and here's an example in which I'm equipped with a sniper rifle and rocket launcher (it was originally used for BCM450 and BCM451). This also gives me the opportunity to show more tower zone megabattling involving a mob that starts off near the tunnel exit.

Released September 23rd 2023, gameplay recorded September 16th-21st 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Plateau channel) I was defending from here in the first play of BCM460, but that was with a pistol and needler. Now I've got a very different weapon set and I'm able to take care of a good many covies from distance, before focusing on close-range work.

I recorded plenty of pleasing plays here, but ended up choosing this one to show because I like the novel ending, especially the rubble that skims along the ground right at the end. What can I say - I'm a rubble fan. And if you are too, check out BCM311, BCM378, BCM379, and the start of BCM419, to name some sources that come to mind.

Around 0:53 I throw a frag to set the Banshee tumbling towards covies, hoping to get some splattered. No luck this time, but I did make a Grunt dive.

01:18 (Play 2 - Tower front) In the first part of this play I take out many of the front runners via sniping, and also two Elites with a plasma grenade (they really should've been more careful). Then I wreak some havoc with rockets and a frag.

Eventually it looks like there's just a Jackal left, but he disappears from view. What actually happened there was, he got triggered to head for the Shade slope because of how close I'd got to it. When I back off he re-emerges, now triggered to head for the tower corner behind me, and I snipe him while he's pointing. An amusing ending I thought.

02:26 (Play 3 - Low plateau) Often when I've got a battle plan in mind for part of a movie, I record quite a few plays to choose from, seeking to get particularly good action - or with some memorable or amusing feature perhaps. With this plan however, I think this may've actually been my only play. It's mostly rocketing and grenading because the covies close in fast, but that makes for some excellent carnage. I was pleased enough with it, so I moved on to other plans.

Many of my rockets were aimed with the goal of killing multiple covies, to help me work through the mob with efficiency and speed. A good example is my second rocket, which I delay slightly so a blue Elite gets closer to a Hunter; then I get them both at once.

03:24 (Play 4 - Ledge above the Shade slope) A change of pace now, as I drop myself off on a ledge. The proceedings aren't terribly battle-like as I'm out of enemy range and working at leisure, but it's still fun. One of the highlights starts at 4:03 when I target a sizeable group of minor covies gathered around a Hunter. Eleven covies killed with one rocket. The next highlight is when I tag a blue Elite on the slope.

The final highlight is around 4:44 when I make a spectacular descent to the ground, rocketing the slope guys as I go. I definitely wanted to include such a stunt, once I thought of it, and this was the best example I got. Two Elites and a Grunt get killed outright. A third Elite is badly hurt and I rocket him again later.

05:18 (Play 5 - By a rock in the shadow) Defending from over by this rock in the shadow turned out to be a rather nice plan, giving me a wide arc of covies to target (and with many of them being initially static). I did quite a lot of plays for this, but after a while I got ambitious and focused on trying to pull off a mid-air rocket strike on a launched Grunt or Jackal, as the finale. Eventually I got the very long-range strike which you see here. A tricky shot, needless to say. It's hard to see the Grunt after the strike because he's so far off, but he's briefly more visible when bouncing off the snowy cliff base.

Closing remarks More plays coming next!