BCM460 - Tower zone megabattle, pistol & needler x5

(6:53) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. In my previous tower zone megabattle movies I've had the mob starting from near the far end of the battlefield, but now I want to show some battling where they start from the other side entirely, giving me new battle dynamics to explore. To begin with here's a new set-up in which the mob is near the tunnel exit, and I'm armed with pistol and needler. Five explosive battles for you!

Released September 19th 2023, gameplay recorded September 15th-16th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Plateau channel) This channel alongside the low plateau has featured in my movies before (see play 3 in BCM443), but this time the covies are coming from the other direction. A highly enjoyable defence area. After I launch a Jackal at the end, I figure I'm done, but it turns out there's another one left. No trouble though; I get him with a pistol shot.

01:20 (Play 2 - Tower front fall-back) The front of the tower is likewise good, with a mob positioned like mine. Using just the needler (no pistol), I wreak some fine havoc as I gradually fall back.

02:24 (Play 3 - Shadow fall-back) Another fall-back play, but this time in the shadow, along the cliff wall. It initially goes quite well, but I do get myself into spot of bother near the end, being too casual with the Grunts and Jackals. I think the thing that really made the difference was the frag I threw around 3:28. I was expecting it to kill three Jackals, but the blast failed to reach the two yellow-shielded guys. I'm not sure if they were simply out of the blast radius, or if they got protection due to a quirk of the topography, but whatever, I suddenly find myself down to one health bar and living on a knife edge. With movement and quick shooting though, I manage to pull through.

04:10 (Play 4 - Shade slope) Defending on the exposed Shade slope was quite dangerous and my weapon combo certainly wasn't ideal for it, but in this play I manage to achieve a good victory, even despite letting the covies have a Ghost. That was one of the dropship Ghosts. During my set-up work I blasted it out of the shadow somewhat, to get it to a more convenient position for righting, in the event of wanting to let the covies use it. In the end, the Ghost is somewhat fortuitously fragged when the pilot bumbles into a blast intended for foot soldiers.

05:29 (Play 5 - Plateau channel again) This area was my favourite to use and I did a lot of plays here. Showing only one of them wasn't enough, so here's another (done the day after the first one). Seriously though, I thought this area was worth some extra focus. Maybe I'll do a whole movie on it sometime!

In this play I don't quite kill covies quickly enough early on, causing me to get somewhat pushed back to the door area. So at that point I'm essentially attacking covies who've reached the channel 'exit'. But still, victory is achieved.

Closing remarks If you enjoyed that, don't go away. In the next movie I'll show more battles using this set-up. Different defences though.

Incidentally, an unusual thing about the mob in this set-up is that four of the eight Jackals are yellow-shielded. That's the first time I've had that many. Back in my original set-up (for which I showed twenty plays), you may recall that I had none.