BCM450 - Tunnel megabattle, sniping plays

(6:37) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. The tunnel megabattle offers great sniping fun, and here's a first movie by way of demonstration. In this case I've combined the sniper rifle with a rocket launcher, a lovely combo for long-range delights.

Released August 29th 2023, gameplay recorded August 21st-27th 2023.


00:02 Just thought I'd include this opening clip to introduce you to my new gang. I set things up much like before, and the mob is in the same initial place. One difference though, which you'll soon see, is that this time I moved both dropship Ghosts into the tunnel. Another difference: two of the seven Elites are red.

00:16 (Play 1 - Upper dismount) To get things started here's a straightforward play in which I dismount fairly early and try to hold the covies back in the upper part of the tunnel - though the pressure soon forces me down quite a way. Around 0:44 I right the second Ghost to use it as Elite bait, and a red Elite subsequently clambers aboard and gets rocketed.

01:36 (Play 2 - Perching on a rock) After blasting the upper Ghost upright, which in due course provides me with a couple of leisurely pilot snipes, I drop myself off on the huge rock on the left side of the tunnel and get busy with the rifle. The lower Ghost later gets righted too, namely by a rocket I fired hoping to do just that, and a red Elite runs to it. I'm late to spot him going for it in the murk, but luckily my shot is lined up in time and he gets a round through the head.

Around 2:36 after the hectic phase is over, I deal with a distant group stalled at the tunnel exit. Two Hunters plus some attendant minors; three Jackals and a Grunt as it turns out. A rocket gets both Hunters just as the group starts to move, and I subsequently rocket the beak boys too. That just leaves a lone Grunt quite close to me, who likewise gets a rocket.

03:06 (Play 3 - Going deep) The longest play now, as I go deep to enjoy some light-amplified fun. Around 4:28 I spot a Hunter surrounded by minors. A lovely target for a rocket. There's just time to witness the blast in my light-amplified sniper view before I'm obliged to tackle a blue Elite who managed to reach my vicinity.

05:10 (Play 4 - Quick last round) This last play has an obvious highlight: three Elites sniped in quick succession as they try to pilot the Ghost I used as bait. Nice! I did a load of plays for this slot, but this was the only time I got three Elites in a row like that.

A short while later I see that another Elite has turned up, which surprised me because I thought I'd killed them all. He runs for the Ghost but I'm already on my way to get a clear and easy shot with the rocket launcher, and he doesn't get much of a drive at all. That just leaves a bit of mopping up to do.

Closing remarks Don't go away now; more sniping and rocketing coming up!