BCM451 - Tunnel megabattle, sniping plays with mob stretching

(6:22) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. There's further tunnel megabattle sniping and rocketing fun here (same set-up as in the last movie), but this time I first try to stretch out the mob to get a slower or more gradual arrival dynamic, so I hopefully have more time for sniping. Includes a glorious long-range rocket, sending a whole heap of covies flying.

Released August 30th 2023, gameplay recorded August 28th-29th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Upper area) In this opener I dismount in the upper area of the tunnel and get busy with the rifle and a few grenades, managing to keep the covies in check pretty well. Around 1:12 three more Elites turn up, and I right the nearby Ghost as bait. The red Elite takes its but gets tagged in the process, so that's him done. From there on it's rockets all the way as I mop up the late-arriving Hunters plus a few minor covies.

01:36 (Play 2 - Deep light-amplified fun) Two highlights in this play at the bottom of the tunnel. The first comes around 3:11 when I see the opportunity to get a stationary Elite splattered by a Ghost. My rocket is good, and hilarity ensues. Then at 3:36 I spot a fabulous target in the form of a whole bunch of minor covies gathered near the Hunters. A rocket is soon on the way and the result is glorious. I make that 5 Grunts and 6 Jackals, wiped out in one go. I love how one of the Hunters turns around to look. He must be like "What just happened?" Of course, that also gives me a chance to shoot him in the back..

One incidental remark. Around 2:34 just after I dismount, I do a brief bit of moving to get the distant tower wall to turn dark before I engage the light-amplified view. That was to eliminate glare, an issue you can read about in my article.

03:06 (Play 3 - Perching) In the last movie I perched on the huge rock down the left hand side, but now I try the one higher up on the right. A red Elite eventually takes my Ghost bait and I try to head-shoot him, but my aim is slightly off. No worries though. As he heads down the tunnel I intercept him with a rocket. And just after that there's another Ghost rocketing, on account of the other Ghost having become righted by one of my grenade throws.

Closing remarks A relatively quick movie to make, that was. Experimentally, I just started trying the mob stretching business and it turned out to be giving me some nice plays, so I soon got a movie shaping up. Plays 2 and 3 were obtained that day. I also had a play for the first slot, but next day I got a more entertaining one to replace it.