BCM468 - Tower zone megabattle, another three plays

(6:35) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. There's more friendly fire for you to enjoy, in this final trio of plays of my tower zone megabattle set-up featuring a Wraith and two enemy Ghosts.

Released October 6th 2023, gameplay recorded October 1st-4th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Ghost, ice patch) In this Ghost play I do my best to get some Wraith friendly fire incidents on the ice patch. There's a nice sequence of three blasts starting around 0:52, and the amusing destruction of a Ghost around 1:23.

01:58 (Play 2 - Shade plateau) After a bit of fun up on the Shade plateau using grenades plus weapons that to be honest weren't all that suitable, I switch back to the Banshee to finish off, which includes the satisfying destruction of both enemy Ghosts.

04:20 (Play 3 - Ghost, dark corner by the Shade plateau) This area below the Shade plateau is an excellent place for hovering around in a Ghost, hoping to see Wraith blasts wreaking havoc on the covie mob. Around 5:15 there's a particularly good blast which takes out five Jackals, which is rather handy. Not long after that, my Ghost is smoking up so I switch back to the Banshee to finish off. I deliberately leave the final enemy Ghost for last, to end on a satisfying boom.

Closing remarks These last three movies have given me some excellent fun with vehicle combat, and I must say, I particularly enjoyed destroying enemy Ghosts with a Banshee. And across the last five movies it's been lots of fun seeing Wraith blasts killing covies too.