BCM478 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob pipe perch fun

(6:46) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. In this third instalment of rear mob action I explore the offensive use of a novel perching area some way above the door. I used this place once before with a different mob in BCM463 and it again provides good sport. Especially when I take a rocket launcher with me!

Released April 17th 2024, gameplay recorded April 12th 2024.


00:02 (Almost a glorious win) In this relatively early play, things seem to be going quite well in terms of damage down at covie level, and I score three tags along the way. But then just as I cause an almighty chain reaction down below, some needles find me and I go bang. Glorious victory cruelly snatched away!

01:04 (Another try) Here's another try a few minutes later. I lose some health bars but do a decent job, until eventually there's only a single Elite plus some minors (subsequently found to be two Jackals). At that point I go down to mop up at close quarters, using the Banshee to cushion my landing. It's excellent for that.

02:56 (Ghost plus rocket launcher) With a rocket launcher in my hands, things become a lot easier, and I have good fun with it, especially in blowing up the Ghost I let the covies have. Lined that shot up carefully, heh. This time my descent from the perch is cushioned by a handy rock.

04:22 (Entering on the other side) Entering the perch via the other side (as I did in BCM463), the mob clusters in the vicinity of the plateau channel, making for a nice variation. After wreaking the inevitable carnage I'm quickly left with only a Hunter, and for novelty I actually use him to try and cushion my fall (the idea just popped into my head and I went for it). Not generally recommended, but I survived at least.

05:32 (Blitz attack finale) All that made the movie around five and a half minutes long, so I figured I could squeeze in one more play if it was short. Hence I tried my hand at a blitz. Entering the perch by the front, I quickly cast my entire grenade stock down at the covies, then cushion my descent with a rock to tackle the remnants. As it turns out, six of the Elites are already dead (I did well there), and the seventh tumbles out of his Ghost just as I get down. Naturally, I right his machine so he can get back in. But I add a plasma grenade too!

Closing remarks Back in BCM463 I was perched on one of the two pipes, which is why I naturally used the term 'pipe perch'. But implicitly I'm now using that term to refer to the whole small area you can clamber around, including the platform between the pipes, from where I did most of my firing in this new movie. The five plays here reflect my progression in using the perch with the rear mob.

With the wealth of potential in my rear mob set-up, movies in various stages of completion continue to pile up on my hard drive, awaiting final release. Just take this one. The footage was recorded five days ago, but I'm only now getting the movie out. I currently have another four movies shaping up, plus multiple ideas for more. So you better have a good supply of popcorn ready!