Spookiness in the lift

Posted March 24th 2005

When trying some rearranging, I had a go at getting a Ghost up onto the first of the twin bridges, just for the novelty of using it to fight my way over later. But I hit a snag. They don't seem to like going up in the lift. You can get a Ghost to the lift ok, though you'll have to keep getting out to make doors open, and you'll see some glitchy camera work as the third-person perspective clearly wasn't meant for a cramped indoor environment. But as the lift ascends, the Ghost seems to get dragged through the floor and plummet to the bottom of the shaft. And if you're sitting in it, you'll go down too! Ever been to the bottom of a lift shaft? Not a lot to see really; it's never going to catch on as an entertainment sport.

Don't watch that video!

If you send the lift up without you, you can watch the Ghost eerily coming through the lift floor. Just like whats-her-face with the bad hair day who comes out of the TV in that Japanese horror flick 'Ring'. Flee! Grunts would've been great in that film, don't you think? Can't… run… with… thing… on… back!