Trapped Banshee

Posted March 24th 2005

In the twin bridges area you'll find a Banshee at the back. When you advance far enough to trigger the pilot (and other enemies), he actually seems to materialize inside it rather than having to run to it. You can easily observe this if you've moved it somewhere closer beforehand, doing a little rearranging. It'll suddenly fly off, as if by itself. But here's something mischievous to do with it, again via rearranging.

It's possible to squeeze it into the short underpass that led into the area (after the spiral path); e.g. around the pillars. After resuming normal play and triggering the pilot later, he materializes in it and finds himself pretty much trapped there. Return to the underpass and you should see him going crazy trying to get his Banshee out, churning up bucketloads of snow in the process. He'll happily have a go at grinding you into the floor though, so watch out!