BCM489 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob passage plays

(7:36) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. There's a lot of carnage going on in the tower's back passage today, as the rear mob streams along it and meets up with a rather aggressive cyborg looking to keep them contained there. Five plays, and plenty of bangs!

Released May 9th 2024, gameplay recorded May 5th-7th 2024.


00:02 (Basic) Using the balcony entrance is the safest way to get inside, and here I go for the square-on approach seen around 5:30 in BCM485. This time though, I get a slight skewing as I head down the balcony passage, which is quite common. In the battle I somewhat lose containment and have to do a bit of running around to retrieve the situation. During this time, a red Elite takes a Hunter blast from behind, hah!

01:28 (With door entry) Using the door is viable despite the proximity of the mob. As you can see, I just use the Banshee to temporarily cover my back (there are various ways you could do it). The guard gives me a bit of a surprise in this play, suddenly growling at me from close behind. Good job he gave me that warning!

02:42 (No grenades) My entry this time is a drop-off at the balcony. For this fight I'm forbidding myself grenades, which makes things a good deal harder than usual. Containment in the passage gets well and truly lost early on, and it's quite a while before I get things under control, by which time there are just a few Grunts and a Hunter left.

04:15 (Needling) After getting the mob shuffled up a bit by briefly drawing them toward the Shade plateau corner, I fly the Banshee down the balcony passage and immediately blast the unseen guard, which makes for good comedy. For the main fight I want to do some needling. Only trouble is, I don't have a needler. However, the first Elite to turn up has one. Needlers to say, soon its in my hands, and the pink carnage begins.

As to why I got the mob shuffled up the way I did, it tended to let me get my hands on a needler sooner, or so it seemed to me. I was hoping a needler Elite would be the first to turn up, just as seen here.

05:59 (Rockets, with Ghost entry) Going for a Ghost entry was an idea I had quite late on in the movie's development, and I'm glad it came to mind because it adds further variation (originally I was just going to use the balcony again). This 'hot entry' is a bit different to the one I did in BCM484, being more direct. I do take severe damage, getting reduced to only one health bar (largely due to getting hit by a plasma ball early on), but it's worth mentioning that on plenty of other plays I lost few or no health bars. So although dangerous, a direct entry like this is by no means almost suicidal.

As for the fighting, that goes quite nicely, especially in regard to my first rocket taking out the two red Elites, and my third rocket which kills two blues and the tower guard. And outside I enjoy rocketing the Ghost at close range. The pilot just had time to say "Wort wort wort" before his battle was over.

Closing remarks In regard to the rear mob, I did already show a passage play in BCM476, and one in BCM477, plus one using a Ghost in BCM484. But I really wanted to have a dedicated movie on the theme to do it further justic, as the passage is such good fun.