BCM485 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob camo fun

(6:50) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. With that active camo sitting around in the tower, I figured it was high time I made use of it against the rear mob. Watch and see what mischief I got up to!

Released April 30th 2024, gameplay recorded April 25th-27th 2024.


00:02 (Some outdoor fun) To start with I arrange for come cloaked fun outside, leaving the mob blocked from following me into the tower. I wanted them in a nice cluster for the fun. As for the blocking method, I could've had the Banshee facing the other way as seen in BCM480 (door mischief), but that's quite a tricky manoeuvre to pull off, not least without splattering yourself between the Banshee and the door! So I settled on using this much easier way instead.

Once back outside, four tags and a few frags reduce the mob to only a few covies, before the camo wears off. Moments later there's only the tower guard to see to. And following my plan, I lure him into the now vacant Ghost for an explosive send-off.

Note: actually, one of the Hunters was killed even before I got back outside. I'm not sure if he got splattered by the Ghost, or was killed by a plasma ball from a Jackal who was spooked by the Ghost. But whatever, you can see him dead on the ground once I'm up on my rock.

01:51 (Indoors) After flying the Banshee into the tower in the same way as seen in the previous movie, I have some assorted cloaked fun, running around using grenades and occasional melee, plus a fair bit of shooting. When the camo wears off, I enjoy some needling to finish things off.

03:41 (Speed melee) One thing you might like to try is to see how many covies you can kill with melee before the camo wears off. In this attempt I get twenty, including the tower guard. Could've been better, but at one point I missed three swipes in a row, then had trouble putting down two blue Elites.

The main reason I selected this play over others though, was that when the camo wears off, a pair of Jackals amusingly point at me in tandem. That's got to be pretty rare - and I can't recall having a case of it in my movies before. Well, I do now.

Incidentally, you may've noticed that I soon picked up a plasma pistol. That's my favourite for melee. Delivers good crisp whacks.

05:21 (Passage assault) With still a bit of room left in the movie, I decided on doing a camo-assisted passage assault. The camo namely allows me to do some unpressured tagging and whatnot, for a while. To be honest I prefer the faster and more hectic action of a normal passage assault (see BCM477), but still, the cloaked approach was a novelty worth showing.

Originally when recording for this, I was flying my Banshee into the tower obliquely, in the manner seen earlier in the movie. But remembering the surprising way I'd been able to exit the Banshee in the previous movie, I had a thought. Maybe I could fly it down the balcony passage in a similarly square-on fashion? And I found that I could! You just need to be at the right height so the wing tips go across the widest part of the opening. That's the key, and in this play I happen to pull it off perfectly. Straight down the groove, as it were.

I will say though, entering square-on isn't easy. You need to get it just right or you'll be stopped dead. My success rate when going for an oblique entry was considerably higher I think, because the Banshee fits in more easily. The square-on entry does look slick though.

Closing remarks In my closing remarks for BCM481 I said that I'd probably do some clooaked play sometime. Well, consider it done. That might not be the end of it either. In particular, maybe I'll revisit the speed melee challenge later, to try and beat that score of twenty.