BCM476 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob plays x5

(6:46) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. In this first set of plays of the rear mob set-up seen created in BCM475, the covies get a chance to use each of the five immediate attack vectors available to them. How will they fare I wonder.

Released April 13th 2024, gameplay recorded April 7th-11th 2024.


00:02 (Near the covie Ghost) To start with I blast the covie Ghost upright and land to defend in the vicinity, where there's a large rock. I'm a bit gung-ho and eventually come within a whisker of dying, but manage to pull trough and finish with a satisfying Grunt whack. A highlight of the play: a nice Ghost tag, after it gets boarded by a second Elite.

01:05 (Plateau channel) For this defence I initially stretch out the mob a bit, with the idea of causing a more gradual covie arrival. Actually there's a danger the Hunters could get left behind in the Shade plateau corner, but they do eventually turn up at the channel, giving me a couple of nice targets to rocket near the end. Talking of which, the final phase of the battle is something of a run-around on low health. I was living dangerously there, once I tagged the raging blue Elite and leapt over him (2:06). When I saw him coming at me, I just decided to go for it.

02:35 (Back passage) This is actually the first and only play I did for the back passage, as I was immediately satisfied. It features a good amount of amusing carnage, and I do pretty well until a Hunter shot almost kills me. Incidentally, notice how I initially used the Banshee to give me cover as I head down the passage. Seemed a good idea, given how many covies were right on my heels!

04:20 (Shade plateau corner) This time I defend in the corner area below the Shade plateau. My two Banshee bolts kill several minor covies before I bail, which is quite a help, but the battling is still tough. There's a spectacular highlight when I helpfully right the covie Ghost to let the pilot reboard. I tag him and he sails way up high. I also enjoyed the comedy with the final Elite.

05:35 (Bottleneck) For the fifth and final enemy attack vector we've got this excellent bottleneck. Couple of amusing highlights here, one being an Elite who gets explosively shunted deep into my territory, and another being some fun involving the covie Ghost, including a pleasing initial tag.

This sort of bottleneck defence featured also at the start of BCM461, and with the very same covies. But that was when they were based near the tunnel. Now that I've shifted them, bottleneck action can obviously start a lot faster. Maybe I'll tend to get a more intense attack too, as the covies won't get so stretched out in pursuit.

Closing remarks A solid first instalment I think, even if I did end up on only one health bar in three of the plays. But we're just getting started. Lots more rear mob carnage on the way, with the next instalment due shortly!