BCM461 - Tower zone megabattle, pistol & needler x4

(6:52) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. After putting together the last movie, I explored for additional battle plans with the same tower zone megabattle set-up and quite easily found the potential for a sequel. So here are four more plays for you, including one in the tower. And again lots of needler use!

Released September 21st 2023, gameplay recorded September 17th-18th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Shade plateau bottleneck) This excellent bottleneck was exploited in one of the plays in BCM440, but this time the covies are coming from the other direction. And as you can see, I have some excellent fun driving streams of needles into the Elites when they arrive. It was very convenient that the first one dropped a needler just in front of him. With that supply available, I felt more free to fire gratuitously long streams.

In due course I advance to finish things; but equally, I could've backed off to prompt the remaining covies to come on through the bottleneck. Perhaps I'll devote a whole movie to this bottleneck at a later time. It's a lot of fun to play with.

01:53 (Play 2 - By the Shade slope) In the last movie I defending on the Shade slope, but things play very differently when you're down below it. One reason I chose this play for inclusion is that I managed to land a frag on top, blasting some Jackals. Quite a tricky throw (and indeed, I missed with a plasma just beforehand). Of course, the play also includes some good fun with the Ghost I let the covies have. That was a must.

03:43 (Play 3 - Indoors via the back) That long back passage is great for needling, so I definitely needed to include some of that in the movie. Most of the Elites get slaughtered there, early on. A few covies end up coming in via the front door, including a red Elite who arrives quite late, and that another element to the proceedings.

Incidentally, after I killed the Hunters, it turned out that there was actually still a Jackal left. I only realised because I left the game running while doing some footage processing work at my computer, and he eventually wandered into the tower and started shooting at me. That was some serious dawdling he did.

05:22 (Play 4 - Rocks near the supplies) Defending at this area was extremely hard. To avoid getting totally overwhelmed I needed to cut down enemy numbers fast. Around 5:58 the Ghost presents itself to me as an easy tag target, so that was handy. Then right after that, I throw a succession of three grenades which do excellent damage, giving me a chance to mop up the remaining Grunts and Jackals with pistol fire while using the tree for cover. Meanwhile the Ghost has got manned again, and with my last plasma I tag it as it passes, making a nice ending.

Closing remarks Okay, that'll do for now in regard to that set-up. Coming next, two movies of combat using the sniper rifle and rocket launcher!