BCM474 - Tower zone megabattle, sniper rifle & launcher x4

(6:56) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Continuing the sniping and rocketing fun, here are four more plays with the same set-up as in the last movie. Includes a rock-top challenge and a journey up to a ledge.

Released April 6th 2024, gameplay recorded March 28th - April 2nd 2024.


00:02 (Play 1 - By the Shade slope, in the shadow) In the last movie I fought on the bright side of the Shade slope, but here I try the other side, in shadow. Nice explosive clearance of a bunch of panicking minors around 0:43. I also enjoy rocketing a succession of blue Elites coming at me with needlers.

Some of the covies get past me to the slope, and in the second phase of the play I draw them back away from it to finish them off - ending with a nice Grunt launch.

01:34 (Play 2 - Rock-top challenge) After dropping myself on top of the big rock by the tower's balcony, I try to stop any covies getting past as they head inside via the back. It's similar to the 'balcony shoot' I did in BCM446, but I'm in a more exposed position and dodging would be awkward. Ideally you want to nail everyone before they actually shoot at you, but that especially goes for Elites with needlers.

This sort of challenge can be a lot of fun, testing your skills and decision making with the weaponry at your disposal. I do pretty well in this play and there are some nice bangs along the way, including a very nice one just after 2:12 in which a frag and a rocket go off simultaneously, taking care of a Jackal and an Elite.

03:29 (Play 3 - Ledge shoot) This battle plan was originally intended as part of the last movie, but in conjunction with the indoor play, another relatively long affair, it was making the movie too long. So I decided I'd do this second movie, and have the ledge shoot in that one instead (and for the last movie I used a shorter battle plan instead).

One highlight of this particular play is when I rocket a bunch of minor covies who get drawn to a dawdling blue Elite after I kill the Hunters they were near. See 4:06 onwards for that. Another highlight I think, is the ending where I drop down to surprise the covies who made it to the corner. I found a good bit of sloping cliff base on which to cushion myself, making descent quite routine. The cushioning is so good, I don't even take shield damage!

05:25 (Play 4 - Base take-over) This battle plan is basically to draw the mob away from their original position (their 'base' so to speak), then return to try and survive there as they flock back. I did the same thing with a different mob in BCM444.

Recording plays for this, I came to realise that with perseverance (it was tricky) I could eject the Shade gunner and splatter him in mid-air. That was both novel and amusing, so it became a desired feature. In this play the ejection was especially nice, which is partly why I selected it for the movie. The Grunt goes quite high then makes a mid-air dive, but it doesn't help him.

As for the battle after I dismount, I start with a plasma throw and actually it tags a Grunt on the foot. With my four quick sniper shots I was hoping to kill a few Elites to significantly ease my struggle to survive, but although I hit one, he wasn't killed. I think I might've done better to zoom the rifle further, for easier targeting. My final shot was meant for the red Elite up front, who was becoming a major concern by then, but it misses. From there on it's all down to rockets, grenades, and evasive action. Fortunately I get that red Elite with my first rocket, and his buddy with my second. Three blues go down soon after, and with the minor Elites panicking, I'm not in great peril after that.

Of course, I could've made the ground fight easier by drawing the covies somewhat further away (to give more time for shooting before they got close), but that would've taken longer, and in any case I wanted a tough struggle for the sake of movie excitement. On many plays I got killed.

Closing remarks Okay, I think that'll do it for the sniper rifle & rocket launcher combo for the time being. What's coming next? I have a hankering for a new set-up, and I'm thinking of using plasma weapons. But you'll have to wait and see.