BCM446 - Tower zone megabattle, more sniping plays

(6:50) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. The tower zone megabattle carnage continues. The gang had so much fun getting head-whanged and rocketed last time that we're back for more. Which is to say, another four plays with sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Enjoy!

Released August 20th 2023, gameplay recorded August 13th-15th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Corner hold-out) After putting together an initial version of the previous movie, I was already thinking that I'd need another one, because there were more nice battle plans I could think of. And this was the first. Dallying only long enough to deliver a ceremonial blast & ram of the Shade, I fly off to the distant dark corner beneath the Shade plateau - a place previously featured at the end of BCM441.

It's a great spot for holding out with a sniper rifle. You can see how the covies flood along the cliffside, presenting marvellous targets. There's a moment of comedy early on when the first Elite spots me and points, only to get promptly killed by a rocket which was already on the way. With all the sniping that subsequently takes place, a bunch of loose plasmas builds up, and eventually I get a nice chain reaction, killing some of the last covies.

01:35 (Play 2 - Close-range danger) In this relatively short and hectic play I do some rather hazardous close-range attacking, as the covies stream across the ice and then the remnants come back. One highlight is around 2:10 when a Jackal gets tagged and goes airborne.

02:49 (Play 3 - Balcony shoot) I was up on the balcony in BCM444, but now (after another Shade ram) I return for some sniping and rocketing. My main goal here was to kill the covies fast enough to stop any of them getting past me, heading for the back entrance. This made a pretty good challenge, needing quite efficient work.

In this play I use the rocket launcher quite a bit, partly to add fun and variety, but also to make a lot of mess. One nice example comes around 3:43 when I carefully aim and time a rocket to intercept a distant pair of galloping blue Elites. But another highlight comes at the end when I rocket the last Jackal into the air and snipe him. With a mid-air snipe in mind, I tried to get the rocket strike very close to him so he'd fly upwards at a steep angle.

After the carnage is complete, I pause to view the scene. A delightful amount of purple snow there! A fine mess indeed.

04:50 (Play 4 - Out and back) This is an example of and 'out and back' play (as I think I'll call it), where you initially fly out to shoot from some distant place, then later fly back to the vicinity of where the mob came from, to again get some distance and to finish them off. In my case I'm using the Shade slope, an obvious and very inviting place to shoot from, and I only head back when a grunty influx builds up.

On my return journey I do another nice Shade ram (it really was a good idea to put that thing on the ice), and for the finale I launch a Grunt high and manage to snipe him. Actually I did a load of plays trying to get an ending like that, but the Grunts didn't always oblige!

Closing remarks Another satisfactory outing I think. Sniper rifle plus launcher is great fun. I definitely plan to do some more sniping plays later, but next time I'll trys other starting locations for the mob, to give me some new shooting positions and angles.