BCM466 - Tower zone megabattle, Wraith plus Ghosts

(6:21) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. The Wraith enhanced tower zone megabattling continues, but this time with the addition of two enemy Ghosts! The movie starts by showing a few key aspects of the set-up work, then there are two vehicle-based plays.

Released October 2nd 2023, gameplay recorded September 30th 2023.


00:02 (Ghosts for enemy use) After letting the dropship Ghosts get driven to the general area I want them, I carefully eject the pilots without hurting them, then adjust the positioning somewhat. I didn't want them where I thought covies might be later, as that could make it difficult to right them without killing anyone. So I move them "off the beaten track", so to speak. The moving of the second Ghost is only partially shown, by the way. I gave it two more blasts after that.

01:05 (Ghost for me) After that, you see me shifting one of the tower Ghosts for my potential use. It's left upside-down, waiting to be righted later once the pilot has spawned (he won't man it then - it's too late). By the way, I also flipped the other nearby tower Ghost, but that's not shown as it wasn't such a key element of the set-up. It was just routine.

01:25 (Final checkpointing) Part of the reason I initiated this movie is because I wanted to demonstrate another way of checkpointing when you've got a manned Wraith. Namely to get up high so the Wraith loses sight of you and eventually (hopefully) stops firing, so you can then checkpoint. The footage captures the end of my efforts, skipping about 50 seconds of earlier flying (which began just after I'd switched to the tower Banshee up on the roof). So, I was able to checkpoint quite fast in this case. The mob has ended up somewhat dispersed though, which isn't unusual.

01:51 (Play 1 - Ghost) For this first play I board my own Ghost after granting the other two to the mob. The Wraith gets off to a good start with two friendly fire incidents, and around 2:39 it kills a Hunter for me, closely followed by a fine shot which destroys one of the Ghosts. Eventually my machine gets down to only one health bar, and I trade it in for a fresh one to finish off. Around 3:47 I have a bit of fun with the last foot soldier, a Jackal, getting him blasted by the Wraith.

04:09 (Play 2 - Banshee) This time I fight in the Banshee, and to begin with I try to avoid heavy enemy fire while I reduce the enemy numbers somewhat, otherwise I could have a smoking Banshee within seconds. The first Ghost pilot manages to get himself ejected almost right away due to colliding with the Wraith, but I eventually right it so it gets manned again. The new pilot falls out when the Wraith blows, but I again right it. He doesn't get much of a further ride though, heh heh.

Closing remarks As it turned out, in my eventual set-up there was an Elite right next to one of the Ghosts I arranged for covie use. Not ideal, but I found that I was able to right it without killing him at least. So the set-up was still okay. More plays coming up next!