BCM473 - Tower zone megabattle, sniper rifle & launcher x4

(6:57) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Continuing with the tower zone megabattle, here are four fun-filled plays with the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, including one indoors. I'm using the same set-up featured in BCM445 and BCM446.

Released April 3rd 2024, gameplay recorded March 25th-30th 2024.


00:02 (Play 1 - Cliffside rock) I fought at this rock in BCM464 and also BCM465, but that was with plasma weapons and under Wraith bombardment. This time I've got the sniper rifle and launcher, and after an initial bit of sniping, the latter is used quite a lot. One amusing bit to watch out for quite early on: I tag my Banshee then flip it with a rocket, causing the plasma blast to kill two blue Elites. There's also a bit later on where I grenade the Banshee and it splatters a blue Elite who was already hurting from a rocket blast.

01:32 (Play 2 - Back passage) In this play I draw the covies into the tower's back passage and enjoy slaughtering them with sniping, rockets and grenades. You can have quite a party with that. One special feature of this particular play is the amusing first tag when my plasma drops down from the opening door, onto a blue Elite's head. That was pretty lucky and it only happened once in all my playing.

03:51 (Play 3 - By the Shade slope) Initially I take up a position similar to that used when I fought at the Shade slope in BCM445. That play was a fall-back affair though, whereas here I'm holding my ground. I make a mistake by letting myself get blasted by a Hunter, and meanwhile there's a red Elite behind me, who got past my sniping. At this point I'm in some peril, with a bleeping shield. But I make him dive with a tumbling Banshee, then blast him with a rocket, and then he gets amusingly finished with a Grunt bomb.

Another bit I liked, making me select this play from among several candidates, comes right after that red Elite episode. A blue Elite comes up on me with three Jackals in tow, but I dodge his whack and tag him, then rocket the Jackals at close range. I also enjoyed launching a Grunt around 5:02.

05:34 (Play 4 - Close-range mischief) My plan for this final play was to position my Banshee to give me cover for initially doing some close-range sniping, until ready to finish things. I almost mess up when trying to eliminate the troublesome Hunters who come after me. I fire a rocket trying to kill both at once, but it kills neither; they weren't as close together as I thought. However, I get the job done with two further rockets, leaving my Banshee undisturbed.

After that, I do some sneaky sniping as planned, then initiate the final explosive phase with a plasma grenade. The only hiccup in the ensuing carnage is that I take an eternity to reload my launcher, due to some grenade throwing I thought was advisable. It's eventually loaded though, and my final shot sends three Jackals flying while a plasma grenade takes out another. Good ending for the movie, I thought.

Of course, I could've easily done more attacking from cover, even wiping out the whole lot. But that wouldn't have been so exciting. I wanted a chain reaction, followed by visceral carnage and widespread panic.

Closing remarks I definitely got some more excellent action out of that old set-up, but we're not done yet. There's a further instalment coming next, with yet more battle plans!