BCM465 - Tower zone megabattle, more Wraith plays

(6:33) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Here are four more Wraith enhanced plays using the tower zone megabattle set-up featured in the last movie. Three new battle locations featured, plus I revisit the best location from last time.

Released September 29th 2023, gameplay recorded September 24th-26th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Tower front) I get some excellent help from the Wraith in this short opening play. Starting around 0:41, four blasts in a row cause covie damage. The next and final blast lands around 1:05, and I'm not sure whether that one does covie damage too. My plasma grenade was going off at almost the same time. One thing to note: the Hunters didn't actually make it to the battle location this time.

01:17 (Play 2 - Shade plateau bottleneck) Here's a nice battle at the Shade plateau bottleneck, featuring three friendly fire incidents from the Wraith. Initially there's one around 1:57, but the next two blasts are more spectacular. At that point the Wraith stops firing, but later it restarts, presumably having spotted me afresh as I tangle with a Hunter.

With the foot soldiers finished and the Banshee nearby, I opt to board it and go after the Wraith. Takes one more shot than expected though.

03:24 (Play 3 - Rocks near the supplies) With this next location, I was finding that the Hunters often weren't turning up for battle. So at the start here, I kill them using the Banshee (which in any case, also provides a bit of variation). A Grunt gets splattered by the Wraith around 3:38 as I head off to my defence spot. In the main fighting there are two excellent friendly fire blasts from the Wraith. Watch from about 4:06 to get those highlights.

04:44 (Play 4 - Cliffside rock again) When recording for the previous movie, fighting at this rock was the most satisfactory location insofar as the Wraith bombardment kept on and the covie attack was tough to handle, with lots of hectic close-up work needed. So I wanted to give it another slot in this sequel. This battle features two friendly fire incidents from the Wraith. But also, watch the shot that sails in around 5:29. It amusingly strikes an airborne Grunt! Bet you've never seen that before.

There's rather a mistake in my combat, which is that I carelessly get hit by a Jackal's plasma ball after just a few seconds on the ground. That ultimately leads to my going down to a single health bar. With things feeling desperate around 5:55, I throw caution to the wind and venture around the other side of the rock to effect a cheeky attack, tagging a blue Elite then hopping back over the rock. Fortunately I'm able to withstand some minor fire in the process, leaving me free to then tackle the Wraith.

Closing remarks Maybe some more Wraith stuff coming next, partly to show a different checkpointing method. We'll see.