BCM464 - Tower zone megabattle, having the Wraith

(6:31) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Your tower zone megabattle set-up can include an active Wraith if you like. Extra noise and danger! In this movie I show a few bits of the set-up work, then there are three plays, all of which include some amusing friendly fire from the Wraith. I'm armed with plasma weapons, for some tough up-close combat.

Released September 27th 2023, gameplay recorded September 24th 2023.


00:02 (Setting up) At the start here, I'm part way through setting up, and am now triggering tower troops around the back. The balcony Elite comes down promptly, so I then get the pass guards triggered, and get the Hunters weakened into rage mode, while keeping the mob away from the Wraith. My work on the second Hunter is clumsy though; probably hurt him more than needed. A task not shown is that I also kill the two Elites who came out of the pass behind the Hunters.

Not long after, I switch to a fresh Banshee shunted down from the tower earlier. Up near the ledge, I notice that the mob is in danger of getting blasted by the Wraith, which has lost track of me, so I don't hang around long. I head off and checkpoint around the corner, which is perhaps the easiest option.

01:23 (Play 1 - Cliffside rock) This solitary rock near the cliff wall is a tough place to hold out, but I found that I had a decent chance. It's also an excellent location in regard to Wraith fire raining down. Having said that, in this particular play it seems that the Wraith pilot has lost track of me. When I briefly move to the other side of the rock around 2:10 though, presumably he sees me, because he starts landing shots nearby - and one of them blasts a Grunt.

03:07 (Play 2 - Ghost) In the set-up work I deliberately put that Ghost there, upright, with Ghost play in mind. Also one on the ice patch. A Ghost is good for encouraging friendly fire from the Wraith. There are two occurrances of that here, notably a big blast around 4:03. Another amusing thing: around 3:34 a Hunter fires a shot which only succeeds in hitting the Wraith. Apparently the friendly fire is going both ways today!

04:54 (Play 3 - Dark corner) I fought in this location in play 4 of BCM441, but this time there are giant plasma balls raining down - at least for a while. At about 5:37 my frag goes off just as a plasma ball arrives, and together they take out what I think was three Elites and a Grunt. Then the next Wraith shot adds to the covie casualty list. Near the end I almost get killed by Grunts and Jackals, but just manage to pull through.

Closing remarks More plays and more friendly fire coming next!