BCM471 - Tower zone megabattle, pistol & needler x4

(6:36) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. In this movie I return to the tower zone megabattle set-up used for BCM460 and BCM461, in which I'm armed with a pistol and needler. Four plays here, featuring some new battle plans plus variations on earlier plans.

Released March 27th 2024, gameplay recorded March 22nd-23rd 2024.


00:02 (Play 1 - Door rocks defence) This first battle is along the lines of the two 'plateau channel' plays featured in BCM460, except this time I'm focused on the idea of using the two rocks near the door for cover. I defend near the first rock to begin with, then fall back to the second when things heat up. At that rear rock I make an effort to land grenades among the arriving covies. One mistake I'll mention: my throw at 0:51 hit the front rock rather than going just past it. Well, things were pretty hectic by then!

I recorded quite a few good plays for this plan, but chose this one partly because I liked the two-Grunt ending with two vicious streams of needles. Actually it was quite unusual to be left with a couple of Grunts. More normally you'd expect dawdling Jackals.

01:24 (Play 2 - Low down mischief) In BCM460 I defended on the Shade slope in one of the plays, but this time I use a mischievous new tactic, going just beyond the peak to enjoy needling and grenading from down below. As long as you don't stand too far back (which would trigger an advance), the covies stay on the plateau and nearby, and you can enjoy targeting them. I could've spent longer doing that here, but eventually I speed things along for the sake of movie pacing.

Two amusements I liked in this particular play: a Grunt dives over the edge to get clear of a plasma, only to find himself needled at close range, and then just after that, having run out of needles I tag a Grunt peering down at me.

03:56 (Play 3 - Camo grab) If I recall correctly, I haven't previously featured use of the camo. But obviously you can have a lot of fun with it, and here's one example. I tag a few Elites on the way back out, then wreak havoc outside, mostly while remaining undetected. There's an especially satisfying frag around 4:44 where I blast a ring of five Jackals.

05:35 (Play 4 - Corner bash) To finish, here's a rather hectic defence at the corner of the tower, not far from the mob's starting point. Surviving there needed a lot of grenade throwing, plus good movement to try and minimize damage.

Closing remarks Some good exciting footage there I think. More carnage coming up shortly!