BCM490 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob plateau plays

(6:54) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. With two small plateaus near the rear mob, there's plenty of fun to be had using them as attack points. So here's a movie dedicated to that, adding to the Shade plateau play featured at the start of BCM477.

Released May 11th 2024, gameplay recorded May 7th-8th 2024.


00:02 (Shade plateau) For openers here's a battle up on the Shade plateau, mostly using plasma rifle and grenades, but also using some AR fire. As the captioning warns, you need to watch it up here as the enemy fire tends to be rather fierce (depending on how much of yourself you show, of course).

When the covie Ghost stops moving about, I manage to tag and destroy it. Near the end, there are just a few Grunts left and I drop down to take care of them. Nice finish with the needling, I thought. And it was good of that Grunt to load a fresh clip for me!

01:37 (Shade plateau, shadow side) Up on the Shade plateau, you can have the covies on the shadow side if you want. Indeed, you can make them switch back and forth between sides, according to your position. In this play though, I have them on the shadow side from the outset.

I initially try and get some covies splattered by sending my vacated Banshee towards them, but with no success. The battle goes well though, and eventually I cushion my fall to the ground with the Banshee, to finish off two Jackals.

02:57 (Low plateau) I haven't shown any battling from up here before, but the low plateau can certainly provide some fun. At the start I manage to get a few covies splattered by my vacated Banshee. A Grunt and a Jackal, it looks like. Around 3:40 there's a nice tag of a blue Elite, and the blast also takes out three of his pals. That speeded my victory along rather well!

04:27 (Low plateau, shadow side) In the course of making the movie, I realised that I could also have the covies on the shadow side of the low plateau. It has to be done a certain way though. First trigger them to head for the solitary rock (just fly near it), then once you're on the plateau, you need to stay quite close to the edge on the shadow side. If you move too far back, it'll trigger the covies to move to the other side, and from the plateau you won't be able to get them back to the shadow side (unlike the case with the Shade plateau).

Having to stay near the edge makes the battling quite dangerous. But in this play I do a decent job of reducing enemy numbers at a good pace, particularly in regard to the Elites, to achieve victory.

05:44 (Shade plateau, with rockets) I already showed a rocket play on the Shade plateau in BCM477, but I of course had to include another in this dedicated movie. An amusing aspect of this play is that the covie Ghost gets destroyed without my specific intent. It just happened to cruise into the area I was rocketing, and BOOM! - then I saw the wreckage flying through the air.

By the end of the battle I'm actually down to only one bar of health, which is a bit perverse given that I had the power of the rocket launcher in this play. But you can probably understand the temptation to keep blasting the covies eh? There were a couple of needles that got through to me near the end, taking me down to my last bar. Looks like those came from a Grunt, just before he took a rocket blast.

Closing remarks I should mention that in most of these plays, I made an effort to wipe out the covies relatively fast, to make the plays short enough that I could fit five into less than seven minutes. As part of that, I didn't back off significantly to let my bleeping shield recharge. When you're playing, you can of course take as much time as you like - and consequently run less risk of ending up dead!

Having now done sixteen rear mob movies over the course of a month, I think this will be my final instalment for now, as I'd say I've given solid coverage of the gameplay potential. But with so much excellent battling available, don't be surprised to see them facing off with me again sometime!