BCM472 - Tower zone megabattle, shadow play jamboree

(6:53) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Continuing with the same tower zone megabattle set-up as in the last movie, I have fun fighting in the long shadow area along the cliff base. Four explosive battles with pistol & needler, plus some bonus carnage at the end!

Released March 29th 2024, gameplay recorded March 27th-28th 2024.


00:02 (Play 1 - Progressive fall-back) In BCM460 which used the same set-up, I included a progressive 'fall-back' play in the shadow, and now here's another to get things started. Nice Elite tag at 1:01, if I do say so myself!

01:51 (Play 2 - Giving them a Ghost) In this play I add a new element, giving the covies a Ghost to use. Of course, the real reason is to give me something to blow up. When a blue Elite becomes the second pilot around 2:40, I try to tag him but narrowly miss and tag the Ghost instead. Just after that, there's a bit where I throw a plasma towards some arriving covies but an explosion sends it skyward. About thirteen seconds later you hear the plasma go off, and there's a glimpse of plasma-blue in the air above the sloping plateau.

Incidentally, my first plasma throw at about 2:11 was short. It was meant to go over the Banshee and land among some advancing Jackals I noticed.

03:08 (Play 3 - Going deep) This time I go deep (to a spot which would be great for sniping, incidentally) and wait for the covies to start turning up. Unusually, there's a bunch of four Elites who lag behind the attack. It initially looks concerning, but actually I manage to take care of them with minimal fuss. Shortly afterwards, I almost get myself blown up in a chain reaction set off by an explosively needled Grunt, but fortunately the two plasmas just in front of me fail to ignite. For a moment there I thought I might be toast!

04:55 (Play 4 - Close-range hold-out) For this last main play I do something a bit different. After briefly leading some of the covies down the tunnel to stretch them out a bit (which made for a nice bit of flying and a satisfying Banshee blast), I return to a point near where they started and try to hold out at the rocks and tree. It's tough there (got killed on many plays), but notice that I carefully place the Banshee for a bit of extra cover.

Actually, with things going well it's not long before I throw down a plasma to send the Banshee tumbling, hoping to get covies splattered or at least to make them dive clear. No splattering this time I think, but it was worth a shot.

06:18 (Bonus round) With those four plays the movie was going to be about 6:20 in duration, so I wondered about tacking on a last bit of action - but something very brief, to stay below seven minutes. So I had some fun dropping straight down on the mob and trying to wipe it out super fast. In this particular play there's some nice splattering to begin with, followed by an excellent Banshee blast just before I dismount to finish things on foot.

Closing remarks This movie was prompted by the fun I had doing the original fall-back play in BCM460. There was clearly lots of potential there, and this movie serves to showcase more of it. In fact I was having so much fun, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I have another such jamboree sometime. Coming next though, some fun with a sniper rifle and rocket launcher.