BCM470 - Tower zone megabattle, more tower defence

(6:54) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. After the last movie I decided to try some more indoor defence work with the same set-up but focusing on other weaponry. Four plays for you here, including quite a bit of AR and plasma rifle use and a lot of explosions!

Released October 16th 2023, gameplay recorded October 13th-14th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - AR mostly) In this first play I grab an AR and take the front door into the tower. Instead of trying to hold off the mob from the entry passage though, which I did in BCM441, I go deep inside and engage in something of a 'hit and run' defence as covies drift in. Eventually I get to focusing on the front passage though, and add some needles into the mix.

02:15 (Play 2 - AR mostly, with rear entry) With front entry being a bit hazardous, this time I enter via the back. More AR work, but this time focused on the front passage from the outset. Near the end I bring rockets into play.

03:56 (Play 3 - Plasma rifle, with balcony entry) Here I follow a similar plan to the last, except using a plasma rifle from a dead Elite (one of the territorial Elites eliminated in the set-up work), and entering via the balcony.

05:37 (Play 4 - Speedy last round) After recording for the initial three battle slots, I realised I had scope for adding one more battle to the movie, as long as it was short. So I went for a front entry and tried to stick it to the covies hard, with plenty of rocketing - plus I sought to acquire a plasma weapon as back-up when the opportunity arose. I did a load of plays for this, and eventually chose the one you see here, partly because I liked the ending outside the tower, with two rockets and a tumbling Banshee. With my last rocket I was trying to get the Hunter splattered by the Banshee, but in fact the blast killed him.

Closing remarks Actually I need to show a lot more battling inside the tower, and preferably using set-ups designed specially. Coming later, no doubt.