BCM469 - Tower zone megabattle, indoor sniping

(6:21) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. I've shown some tower zone megabattling in the tower before, but this time I'm principally using a sniper rifle, and sometimes with light-amplification switched on. You can have some quite good fun this way, despite the confined environment. As back-up I've also got a rocket launcher.

Released October 12th 2023, gameplay recorded October 10th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Forward defence) At the start of my set-up as seen here, the mob is actually in the process of moving from one place to another. I was trying to get them somewhat stretched out, but I also wanted them fairly near the tower's front door. Turned out pretty well I think. In this first play I conduct a forward defence, trying to hold off the mob from the passage corner. Eventually the pressure forces me back though, and in the tower's central area I'm able to employ light-amplification with the zoomed view.

01:29 (Play 2 - Defending deeper) This time I try to do most of my work from the bottom part of the ramp, after rocketing the cloaked guard on my way there. There's a short period where I'm in danger of getting overwhelmed and I have to bring out the rocket launcher to help me regain control, but after that it's plain sailing, and from 3:03 there's a leisurely sequence of half a dozen Grunts to enjoy picking off.

03:58 (Play 3 - Back passage) In this final play I demonstrate some use of the back passage for variety, and once again there's scope for using light-amplification. The Elites initially stall in the front passage though, and I have to go and make my presence known. They're often like that I find.

Closing remarks The origin of this movie lies with my work on BCM463. In that movie I was using a tunnel megabattle save where the mob was initially at the tunnel exit, and I had a sniper rifle and rocket launcher. For the final battle I was going to fight inside the tower, initially conducting a forward defence akin to play 1 of the present movie, and then falling back to defend deeper, akin to play 2 of the present movie. But in order to make the play short enough for the movie, I was having to somewhat rush the second stage, and I didn't think I was doing full justice to the battle plan. For that reason I eventually decided to instead do a separate movie later, so I could cover the theme of indoor sniping more deeply and without needing to rush any plays. And that's the present movie of course. However, I also created a new save to use, more suited to the theme.