BCM467 - Tower zone megabattle, another three plays

(6:19) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Here are three more vehicle-based plays of the tower zone megabattle set-up used in the last movie, featuring a Wraith plus enemy Ghosts.

Released October 4th 2023, gameplay recorded October 1st-3rd 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Ghost, around the Shade slope) It's quite good fun zipping around the Shade slope attacking the covies while plasma balls rain down from above. This particular play doesn't seem to include any friendly fire from the Wraith, but it does feature something else amusing. Just after 0:40 a Hunter shot hits a covie Ghost. The pilot gets ejected and is then splattered in mid-air by the other covie Ghost. I don't think I've seen that dynamic before!

02:23 (Play 2 - Banshee) Starting around 2:54 is the heaviest part of my Banshee attacking, when I go down low and cause both Ghosts to flip. A short while later though, I give the final two covies a chance for glory by righting the Ghosts again. Of course, what that really does is give me the pleasure of blowing up the Ghosts one by one.

04:25 (Play 3 - Ghost, at the Shade plateau bottleneck) I had some good fun using this bottleneck location. In this play I count five friendly fire incidents from the Wraith, including the four successive shots starting around 4:57. The final incident is around 5:35. The blast doesn't directly hurt anyone, but it does detonate a loose grenade or two, and that's what does the damage, killing a Jackal.

Closing remarks A final trio of plays coming up next!